Short And Sweet – Relevance of Flash Fiction And Micro-Fiction

Short And Sweet – Relevance of Flash Fiction And Micro-Fiction.jpg

Considering that most people skim online content – which reflects our fast past way of life – Flash Fiction and Micro-Fiction has become a more relevant part of our reading and writing experience.
Flash Fiction – short stories between 100 and 1000 words – and Micro-Fiction – very short stories under 100 words – are a fantastic way to get a readers attention.It fits perfectly into the new reading habits, allowing the reader to find great content, without having to invest much of their time.  Creating a complete story within this short space, however, forces writers to think outside the box.


Flash Fiction
Flash Fiction Custom Designs
for Writers

I personally find Flash Fiction to be a great exercise in being concise. In such a small space, one has no option, but to engage the reader with every word. Micro-fiction, such as 6-Word-Fiction or Twitter-Fiction make use of the content streams of social media applications, no need for a blog, or website.


Writers should take advantage of the attention-grabbing potential of this type of fiction, as it can be used as a gateway and advertisement for lengthier works.


Happy Writing!



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Gratitude And Express Yourself – Weekly Posts

Celebrate blog hop
Time for  another blog hop smash up!
This week, I am  very grateful for connections. I have had the chance to interview a great writer, Devon Martin, connected with a comedian from Los Angeles (can’t wait to see her perform), talked to fellow Authors, and Flash Fiction writers, and was able to share some of the great work they are doing with others.
Warm afternoons – now there is another things to be grateful for. Mornings are chilly right now, but at least the afternoons are decent. I need warmth, I always freeze, so warm afternoons are like a balm for my body and soul.
Celebrations – this week there are two coming up, a celebration linked to Patron Goddess Hecate (January 31st), and Imbolc (February 2nd). For both days I want to bake something, just not quite sure what yet – not exactly a diet friendly celebration, hehe.
Express Yourself Meme
This week, we are asked to talk about writer tips we found helpful. I think I will serve you best, by answering this question by giving you links to sites and a list of books, so you can check them out yourself, and take from that what works best for YOU:
Save the Cat, by Blake Snyder (scripts)
Getting Things Done by David Allen  (not exactly about writing, but teaching you how to organize your thoughts, notes, and time, which I find essential for a writer)
How To Write a Novel Using the Snowflake Method by Randy Ingermanson
Script – filled with articles on writing, not just for film and television writers
Get Into The Story – filled with good advice, again can be translate to writing, especially if you have problems with dialogue – learn it from screenwriters
another script writing blog – but hey, that is what I am currently focusing on
So, I hope you find something useful there. I am looking forward to hearing what inspired you this week!


Making Peace With Myself – A Poem

Vunerable by Marlies Odenhal

Vulnerable by Marlies Odenhal

I used to hate you
that part of me, weak, exposed
like an open nerve

raw, vulnerable, in pain
disgusted by the torture
linked to twisted acts

of a sad, sick mind
but in the healing love of
another, I found


Foreigner – A Haiku

Foreigner - A Haiku

my identity
crisis unfolds – worlds collide
where do I belong?

born in the midst of
those who see me, as the one
belonging elsewhere

lost, I search for a
little compassion, just once
so fear can subside

Copyright Claudia H. Blanton 2015

This post was inspired by a television show on Germany TV, where comedians and poets, who happen to be Muslim – and have spent most of their lives, if not all of it, in Germany –  deal with the current tension, by using humor, art, and words to relief some of the fear of extremism.

Extremism goes both ways – not only from those whom we see murdering people, but also in our reaction to those who share nationality and/or faith with those whom done those atrocities. The veiled woman in the store, or the Middle Eastern gentleman passing by is not responsible in a personal sense for these deaths. Lets keep that in mind, and create dialogue, instead of more fear and hate.


Fast Five Friday – A Belated Blog Post

A little late is better than not at all – I hope. In order to participate in many, interesting blog hops, and still stay true to my writing, scheduling conflicts lead to posting blog hop post a little late sometimes. This week, that happened with Fast Five Friday, which asked us to write about our top 5 TV crushes.

I was never that into the actors to have a crush, that’s for teenagers, but I do appreciate good action, combined with good looks, and more importantly a great story line. So, with that in mind, I am featuring the following actors: