Positive Art

Positive Art Inspires
Ever felt energized and motivated after being surrounded by beautiful art? Did the colors, or messages that the pieces of visual art or music inspires you to create more, to share love or kindness, or move you to pick up the paint brush or an instrument yourself and create something beautiful?

Art can lift our mood, move us out of depression, but can also put you right back into it. This powerful effect is why it
is important to choose the art you surround yourself with wisely, with the energy in mind that you are trying to


Here, on this page, and from time to time via my blog, you will find yourself surrounded by inspiring, uplifting art.
You can choose to visit here, and allow it to move you from this page, or you can choose to bring it home, and place
it where you can see it often.

Whichever you choose, come back often to find new additions, a change in the collection or an inspiration from one of my reader/creators.
If you have any positive art you want to have featured on this site, leave me a comment below, and I
will get back to you shortly!



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