About Me



Hi there! Welcome and thank you for visiting Avalon Media.

What is Avalon Media?

Avalon Media blog is a space to explore creativity and be inspired. Created and founded by Claudia H. Blanton in 2011,  an Author, designer and wellness expert, who creates positive living products and designs on various platforms like Zazzle and RedBubble. Sharing her love for mindful living, and wellness, Avalon Media features a range of topics, from positive creative living, to wellness as well as vegan recipes and more.

With this positive mindset in mind, this blog also features the occassional book and product review, designed to assist you in creating a growth mindset, and overall harmonic wellbeing.

I hope that you will leave this site ready to reach for your own potential, embracing wellness, and feel more confident and

My qualifications include, but are not limited to:

– successful business owner
– Author of the Non-Fiction series Mixing Spices
– certified Life Coach
– certified Reiki Teacher/Master
– Ordained Minister
– Writing Challenge Leader WritingChallenge.org
– Homeschool Teacher of 14 years
– Social Media Strategist and Influencer


I am currently available for the following:

to provide you with high-quality book reviews on this blog and shared various social . media platforms of your choice
to provide you with high-quality reviews of your products
to assist with your social media presence – for example by managing your individual social media accounts, such as Pinterest, twitter or LinkedIn
to assist you in promoting your Product on Demand business (Zazzle, Society6 or RedBubble), by assisting you with the setup of your store, portfolio, and profile, as well as the promotion of your designs
to provide you with Coaching Services (please stay tuned for a detailed page on our coaching services, thank you)
to be a Brand Ambassador for your brand, via the platform of your choosing.
Please check back often, as our team grows, and our services expand.

For now I will leave with the hope to find you in good health and wellness.


For inquiries about the above services, please contact me via claudiablanton@live.com with your individual business needs, and I will get back to you as soon as possible

Disclaimer: I am an affiliate to most of the products and services I write about on this site. Availability and  quality of service is the responsibility of the site the product is linked to. Also, all herbal or medicinal content is for educational purposes only and is at no point thought to replace your medical professional. Always check with your medical professional before using any health product or supplement.

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