No Victim


There had been rumors about this, the man of the woods. The one who would kidnap people just to see them struggle in their desperation, struggle to get free, and find their way home.

He was not into some sick kind of torture, no, the terrifying desperation of his victims, mostly women was enough for him to enjoy, as a thrill. No marks left on them, only those applied via the struggle of escape, the run through rough terrain, never knowing if he would come back and finish them off.
But he never did.

I never thought that he would come after me. Not exactly build like the victim of chance, I was a fighter, knew how to tear into the flesh off another without the single thought of regret. MMA had taught me how to be hard. The Army taught me how to survive.

I was no victim of any kind, yet somehow he managed to drug me, binding me, and leaving me in the midst of a forest he thought I would struggle to escape from.

Calming my breath, and heartbeat, I surveyed my surroundings.
He was still there, watching, close by, I could sense his eyes upon me, somewhere out there. He was awaiting, seeing if the struggle would get him off, but he did pick the wrong woman.
A small smile escaped my lips, as I easily broke out of my half-hazardous restrains of tape and rope.

Time to hunt.


Copyright Claudia H. Blanton 2014