5 Quick Tips For New Print On Demand Artists

Beginner's Tips for Print On Demand Artists

Getting started on Print on Demand sites, like RedBubble or Zazzle, can be overwhelming. To ensure a smooth start, I have compiled five quick tips that can assist you on your journey of selling your art online via these platforms.

1. Use strategic listing titles
A Day in the sun might sound poetic, but does not describe your art very well – instead go for something like “A Watercolor rendition of a family relaxing in a park”. Does not sound that good, but it gets the point across.

2. Use the hashtags.
Make them relevant, but make them thorough – the more, the better. In Zazzle use your most descriptive to the point tags first – the first ten are considered your power tags.

3. Make sure your designs fit properly.
Zazzle has a great little tool, that allows you to see if your design is big enough to fit properly – this is especially important with items such as pillows. In RedBubble, you can adjust the design in the individual product category. Use it. What might look good on a pillow, might not look that good at the same size a cell phone cover.

4. Write clear, and informative products descriptions that include keywords.
Be precise, to the point, but try to convey the product in a way that someone who can  not see a picture of it, would understand the basic idea of what it is about. Include the customizable options, and size options (if applicable) in your description as well. For example “Customizable to fit a variety of cell phone covers for you newest phone, to include the iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S6, and more”

5. Tell your story!
Make sure you have a compelling profile, that includes a little personal information and how you came to be an artist. Talk about your passions. The more you care about your art, and voice that, the more your customers will care about it too. Make it personal.

Wishing you the best success on your journey as a print on demand artist!

3 thoughts on “5 Quick Tips For New Print On Demand Artists

  1. Good Deal! I have just gotten started on POD sites like Fine Art America, Society 6 , Redbubble, Nuvango. they all seem cool but what do you think about if we do it ourself onplatforms such as : Big Cartel, Spreesy, SELZ & Etsy? Any Advice as to promote work and get sales would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to more info from your blog.

    • Hi! Thanks for stopping by!
      Good for you, getting started with POD! I wish you all of the best on your journey and hope you find these sites as rewarding as I have. I absolutely encourage you to move some of your creations and designs to the other platforms. Diversifying your content and applications is always a good idea. What kind of products are you considering to offer on Big Cartel and the likes?
      I will absolutely write more about sales and promotion over the next few days, and hope you will stop by!
      – Claudia

      • Well I was interested in leaving out the middle man and selling my own 8 X 10 art prints and signed and dated to start. I know there is no way I can manufacture and distribute products like the POD sites. I’ll keep dreaming.lol

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