Three Reasons I Love NBC’s “The Blacklist”


3 Reasons I love NBC’s “The Blacklist”, and you should too!

1. The Story
Fast paced, leaving me breathless with many twists and turns, combined with multlayered plot lines that makes me want more, The Blacklist had me from the start. There are no dull moments, the story is always on the move and constantly expanding in ways not always expected. A good show should not be predictable. This one is not. It is dark, it is sometimes not pretty, but it is engaging and mesmerizing.

2. The Characters
Each major character has depth and is wonderfully cast, greatly portrayed by veterans such as James Spader, as “Red” (whom I can hardly wait to see in the new Avengers as Ultron), and Herry Lennix, as Harold Cooper( he got my attention in Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse) and people I have not seen as often, like Megan Boone, who plays Elizabeth Keen, with a convincing emotional fullness, that made me a fan.

3. The Bad Guys
Blacklist has the potential for a variety of “bad guys”, with all different types of sociopathic tendencies, and takes fully advantage of that possibility. From the more macabre “The Stewmaker” to the revenge seeking “The Judge”, the range of available villains is large, and leads to unexpected confrontations, which in turn call for unexpected tactics to “collect” them. Gore is confined to the necessity, so is violence, the depth of the drama lying in the psychological aspects of the hunt, and the questions that arise on every turn.

In it’s completeness, The Blacklist is one of the best television dramas of all times. Unique, fast, intriguing and well written, it is a ride that should be savored like a fine wine, one episode at a time.

2 thoughts on “Three Reasons I Love NBC’s “The Blacklist”

  1. Love the Blacklist, but I disagree with your love of the characters. I’ve found most of them to be pretty flat other than Reddington, and tend to find myself wondering what Reddington is doing when he’s not on screen. That said, Blacklist powers-that-be have started to round out some of the secondary characters – particularly Ressler and super hubby Tom – so that could be changing. Good post.

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