Writing And Reviewing – Not Just A Job


Choose your passion wisely, you might not end up having time for anything else once momentum has increased.

Writing, creating creative content, and consuming creative content, not limited to the aspect of books, but also cinema and TV are my passion. They have been since childhood, and I am lucky enough to call emerging myself within this creative live, my job.

The downside to it is, like with many passions, it consumes me. I am usually emerged in some kind of form of media, may it be in the creative process or in the reviewing process. Not that this is really a downside, unless I would allow this passion to become an obsession, holding me at bay from family and connections.

Floating between the creative and the critique allows a change in pattern and an opportunity to not be stuck in a rut. If I am tired of reading, I can move toward one of the stories I am developing. If I am stuck in a story, I can use a television show to search for good dialogue. The versatility is a need for me to thrive, just as much as breathing is. As long as I finish the project in a timely matter, I allow myself that freedom.

Currently I am in the editing phase of my flash fiction collection, which I will release on April 15th. Again, I can edit in manageable bite size chunks, a luxury that a conventional job does not have. I am also working on a Urban Fantasy series, which had been put on the back burner for a while, as well as a horror script called “Curfew”, which is born out of a collaboration with my husband. There are three books awaiting reviews, and I am itching to write about the new “Captain America”.

This blog has become very much a part of this en-devour of emerging myself in the creative. While I have not used it so much in the aspect of cinema and television, that is about to change. I am looking forward to sharing my thoughts on these subjects here from now on as well.

Have a wonderful week!

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