10 Journal Prompts To Start Your Year Off Right

Positive habits, like writing in our journal are a powerful way to increase happiness, reduce anxiety and to create focus. But what to write on a daily basis? While I suggest to always make a gratitude  list  a part of your daily journal routine, it does not have to, and should not be limited to that aspect of journal writing.

I have combined some powerful prompts for you, which you can use to expand your journal writing practice

10 Powerful Journal Prompts


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Because it is Friday, I am sharing with you, what I am grateful for this week:

1. A quiet and peaceful New Years eve. Surprisingly New Years in Las Vegas is tame compared to some other cities around the world I have been in. A pleasant surprise.

2. I met some really nice new neighbors. Very friendly people and my dogs seem to like them too.

3. There has been a lot more sunshine. Still cold, but at least, the sun is shining. I can deal with that.

Have a wonderful weekend!



Prized “Possession” – A Daily Prompt Post

Democritus (c.460-c.370 BC)

My most prized possessions are neither objects nor are they possessions, which would indicate ownership. I have the privilege to share my space with my husband, two wonderful children and three amazing rescue pets. Everything else is just an object that can be replaced. Don’t get me wrong, I like luxury, probably more then the average person, but there are a side note, something that can and will be frequently exchanged for something else, a comfort, but not prized and cared for, just owned.

People, those few people I choose to allow into my inner space, my personal circle of existence, and with that I do include the animals in my life, those are irreplaceable, they are non-exchangeable, they are value, they are honored, they are “prized”.

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