Fast Five Fridays And Gratitude Blog Hop Smash Up

Blog Hop Time!

This weeks Fast Five Friday has as its topic romantic movies, which is not a surprise, considering that tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. I am usually not a fan of romantic movies, I rather read this genre, ┬áthan watch them. My favorite movies are mostly of the more action oriented variety. But I did find 5 romantic movies, which I really enjoyed, and I am going to share them with you today:

If you have not seen these movies, you really should. Barefoot was an unexpected pleasure, and John Green’s movie as well as City of Angels are tear-jerkers. Warm Bodies is just simply cute, and Dirty Dancing is a classic.

Celebrate The Small Things:

Now off to the gratitude list “Celebrate The Small Things” hosted by Lexa Cain:

It is getting warmer, and it stopped raining like crazy, I am very grateful for that. Still looking forward to summer, but any improvement is welcome at this moment.

This week my daughter is going to be able to go to a book signing of Amanda Palmer’s new book “The Art of Asking”. We were just talking about finding things to do over the next few days, when we found out about this event. She is so exited, and I am so happy for her.

I am grateful for the fact that I took the leap and created a puplication on Medium, and already got some submissions for it. Daring To Breathe will contain poetry, Flash Fiction and opinions. That way I will be able to not only showcase some of my own work, but that of some really talented people.

What are you grateful for this week? Do you have any Valentine’s Day plans? I will be working, because my husband is out of town on business.

Wishing you all a wonderful week!

Open – A Flash Fiction

Flash Fiction: Open

I opened my door, my home and my heart to him, only to be betrayed in the most painful way possible.
How could he tear apart the love and devotion, which I only have given him, no other, with such depth and trust?
Since the moment of revelation, I ached with a pain, that should not be possible to feel, one that froze my every move.
Tears held back, forced back by a smile, I waited for him to come home.
And was given the sweet opportunity to plunge the knife into his chest with such powerful force, that it broke into pieces.

Copyright Claudia H. Blanton 2015

This post was inspired by this weeks Five Sentence Flash Fiction prompt: “Open”.

Celebrate The Small Things – Valentine’s Day Edition




I love quotes.

Even more so, I love lists – I love making lists, not necessarily following them, but I consider them a spring board to bigger and better things. Another way of looking at lists is to use them to let go – both of the positive and the negative, as the process of writing them allows us to move forward, and release any ties to before, that might lay heavy upon us.

Gratitude lists are specially fun, which is why I love this little blog hop roll exercise called “Celebrate The Small Things”. If you are not participating, I highly recommend that you do so, you do not have to share everything, one or two things will do.

Well here is my gratitude list for this week:

  • I am grateful for my husband – today (Valentine’s Day) is his birthday. He is sadly not home with us right now, and rather on a business trip, but he surely is loved and appreciated from all of us.
  • Email – it is soo much easier to get in contact with people half way around the world – or right around the corner – since email. While I just had to go through a binge cleaning of one of my emails, and sometimes the inbox can get messy, I do appreciate it’s function completely.
  • Big tables and big couches – out of some reason the cat seems to have found a liking as the center piece of my dinning room table, while the dogs prefer to stretch out on the couch. If both items would not be large, we would be able to use neither one. So here is my gratitude to big tables and big couches.
  • Blogging about books – I decided, that considering the fact I read a lot, I mind as well share my thoughts about the books I come across on a more regular fashion. So from now on my goal is to review at least one, maybe two books a week here.

So this is my little list – why don’t you share yours?

Have a great weekend!