Book Review: Hyde, An Urban Fantasy by Lauren Stewart


Book Review: Hyde, An Urban Fantasy

Title: Hyde, An Urban Fantasy
Author: Lauren Stewart
Publisher: Off The Hook Publishing
Release Date: July, 8th 2012
Rating: 5/5 Stars

With a hook, that gets you right from the start, this fast paced book is a wonderful, suspenseful adult read. Unlike Lauren Stewart’s Young Adult novels, this book is written for the less faint of heart, with some cursing, and love scenes, both placed efficiently, and without being too overbearing.
The main characters are a unique twist on the traditional Jekyll and Hyde story, placed charmingly in a modern setting. Chilling scenes, laced with humor, and plenty of action, the Author delivered a very great start to a promising Trilogy. If you have never read anything by Mrs. Stewart, you are missing out on very well-developed stories, that will grip you, and never let you go.