Book Review: Embrace Your Magnificence By Fabienne Fredrickson

Embrace Your Magnificence - A Review

Title: Embrace Your Magnificence
Author: Fabienne Fredickson
Publishing Date: July 1st 2014
Publisher: Hay House

Rating: 1.5/5 Stars
Some self-help books easily pull you into their narrative, while others fail to connect to the reader on a deeper level. Embrace Your Magnificence, never managed to connect with me, leaving not only a lack of the promised assistance, but also a stale feeling that the Author might even doubt the depth of her promise herself.
While the premise is cute and thoughtful, directed toward her daughter, and written with that in mind, it is important to remember the wider audience as well, which was entirely not accomplished. In the vast field of self-help books, where quite a few very good volumes are present, this book is not worth the time, simply because the others have so much more to offer. I was hoping, just because of the premise, that I would have come across at least a pleasant read, but would not offer this to anyone who is looking for an efficient book of this magnitude.

H is for Hell If I Know

I have been contemplating since yesterday what to write for today with the letter H. All I have come up with is a hodgepodge of craziness, all which does not combine to make a great blog post, but rather are tippets and random thoughts, of no real substance.

I am trying to keep this month theme centered on two subjects – cinematic arts (movies and television) and books. I was still drawing a blank, as none of the books on my shelf to review happen to have H in their title, or even an Author with a name that starts with H.

The only movies I could think of are rather old – Hitch for example, is quite cute, but rather not current.

So I started thinking about hair (maybe because I had a really bad hair day yesterday)


I was thinking about facial hair to be exact, and actors whom should not be allowed to shave (Robert Downey Jr. looks like a boy until he leaves on some stubble, the same goes for Henry Cavil – he played Superman in Men of Steel, who turns into a teenager without facial hair, albeit one with lots of muscles).

Still that does not make a post on its own. So then there is Hope. Well hope is not related to movies or books, unless it is a theme, which usually implies religious. As I am non-religious but spiritual, I did not want to add that to this cinema and book blog – I got a spiritual blog for stuff like that.

At the end I did manage to come up with a heaping pile of some kind of random writing, that made it above 250 words. I shall now crawl into my corner of creativity and promise myself I will deliver something more coherent than this for the next letter.

Have a great day!