Chronos – A Flash Fiction

She was his pride and joy. Having spend more time with her then with his own family, the Chronos was a marvelous piece of machinery, defying anything he had been brought up to believe technology could do. At least until he stumbled across the sad excuse of a mad scientist, Dr. Hermann, whom had brought him on board to work at this special project.
“We need ourselves a Genius. And because we are currently low on Genius, we are in need of you.”
“Thanks” he had mumbled, “but no thanks”, wondering how someone whom had as many achievements and degrees as this old man could actually believe that they could build a time machine.
But the compensation package they had dangled in front his face was too hard to refuse. Damn, fail or succeed, after this little experiement he would never have to work again. Not bad for someone in his late thirties.

Talking about early retirement.

So he tinkered, a year and seven months.

A year and seven months of long nights and disappointing his children, with missed field trips and birthday parties.
He did hate the price he had to pay for this little adventure.
Still, it was all for them, for their future. They would have all the luxuries in the world.

All because of Chronos.

Nervously, he awaited the military brass to take their place upon the podium.
Of course they wanted a show, had even chosen their perfect example of a soldier to take his little invention for a test drive.

He would have loved to be the first one to actually use it officially, but that was out of the question, so he was told.

Even though this was his baby, his labor of love, the impossibility manifested.
Touching the panel of buttons in front of him gently with the care of a lover, he nodded at Dr. Hermann.

He was ready. Time to shine.