The Forgotten

Flash Fiction

No one remembered The Forgotten, the outcasts, that were tossed from our society as if they were garbage, not human beings, who did nothing wrong.
Those people, hidden behind the deep walls that surrounded our cities, were simply different, not fitting in with the norm of prescribed standards of look or form.
Placed beyond the walls, to defend themselves, no one ever spoke of them again, no matter if they used to be friends, or where children.
Our fold had no place for them, but in the quiet, lonely hours just before dawn, comforted by the luxuries of our culture, I wept.

Copyright Claudia H. Blanton 2015

This post was inspired by this week’s Flash Fiction prompt “Forgotten”.

Pink Liebster Award


What a wonderful and sweet surprise from Steve Green who nominated me for The Pink Liebster Award. I am very grateful indeed, especially coming from someone who’s flash fiction I enjoy reading very much. He is a very talented man, so I am humbled by his choice.

The Liebster Award, like many has some rules attached, so let me share those with you first before I continue.

1) Link back to the person who nominated you.
2) Answer the 10 questions they gave you.
3) Pick some favourite bloggers of your own to nominate.
4) Pose 10 questions of your own for them to answer.
5) Make sure that the people you nominated know about it.
And have fun.

Well Steve’s question for me and my co-nominee Casey Douglass is to post 10 random or unusual facts about ourselves. That should be easy, considering that I am a bit unusual/weird.

1. My pets are color coordinated – now that was not by choice but just happened to be like that. First we adopted a light brown and white Beagle/Corgi mix, and she is just the sweetest dog, but she really needed a friend. We went back to the shelter a month later, and brought home Athena, a beautiful light brown and white Ridgless Rhodesian Ridgeback. We thought we were done with animals until our move to California, but we were wrong. One night a cat – and yup the same colors as my dogs – decided to go for a walk with us. He decided he liked the dogs and we were now his family. He has been a sweet (and now indoor) addition to our humble home.

2. I am a practicing Witch. That is not exactly a secret, as I am very open with my practice and belief system. Still there are not that many of us whom are as open about our practice then I am, so I might be the only Witch you know. Just to clarify – I am not Wiccan – there is a difference.

3. We are a homeschooling family. I have homeschooled my children for 12 years now. Both kids are college bound and very driven. Best decision I have ever made. The only school (k through 12) I would send my kids to would be Hogwarts.

4. I like nutella way to much. Okay sue me, I can not stand peanut butter anything, but for Nutella, well lets say I am glad that they sell it here everywhere. Nutella is my vice.

5. Vice number 2: Coffee – that is not much of a surprise considering that drinking coffee is a major part of just about any celebratory gathering in Germany (no, it is not beer, sorry). Kaffeeklatsch – picture the British tea time, just with coffee, was a large part of my connection with family and friends. Oh, and I can read coffee cream for divination. Or your coffee grounds. And tea leaves.

6. I love The Avengers – and all of the other movies that are a part of that world surrounding them. Yup, I am a Geek/Nerd – I guess that makes me a geeky Nerd Witch?

7. I follow the teachings of Abraham Hicks. Think channeled version of Law of Attraction-way of teaching. Combine that with Witchcraft and bam -well it works for me, lol.

8. I am almost always cold. There are a few reasons for that, at least I was told those reasons. I am constantly slightly anemic – I have been since I was a teenager, and my poor daughter inherited that from me (sorry hon), and I was told that the veil is thin around me. In any case, I could not imagine living in Germany again, just alone for that reason. I would simply never leave the house.

9. I am a Grobanite. No it’s not a disease, it simply means I am a Josh Groban fan. That dude has a voice to die for. Incredible. And he is funny too.

10. If you would have told me a year ago, I would be writing Flash Fiction for fun, I would have laughed at you. While I had never tried writing any before that, I thought I would not possibly enjoy it. Guess what, I do enjoy it. And I also enjoy writing Haiku – never thought that was possible either.

All right, now you know my secrets. There are open secrets. Now off to nominating a few more bloggers. Ah, whom should I choose?

Because there are so many wonderful bloggers out there, I chose two blogs.

Both bloggers do not post their name – unless I missed it somewhere, then I ask for forgiveness.

Drumroll please!

hocuspocus13” and “Perspective on life, universe and everything

Yay! You guys are awesome, and I wanted to make sure you know. 

So for the two of you, I will send you some questions to answer, then it is your turn to choose. I am looking forward to discovering your choices for the award.

Have a wonderful weekend!