Dare To Dream

Dare to Dream

Dare To Dream – A Haiku

every breath a risk
anticipating changes
should I dare to dream?

Copyright Claudia H. Blanton 2014

Taking chances does not have to be as grand as “Walking on the Moon”.  Taking a chance by making a change is a dare enough.

Being a part of the Daily Prompt is a risk – will people read what you write?

Changing the direction of a blog is a risk – will people read your new focus and accept the change?

Writing about long held fears and personal tribulations is a risk – will people think I am weak?

Taking risks, daring to dream, reaching out of one’s comfort zone does not have to be of grandeur, its size is not the importance but the stretching of ones mind is. Do you dare? Or will you stay within your own self-imposed borders, that if left too long in the same place, can become a prison of your own making.

Dare to dream – take the risk!

P.S. speaking of taking the risk, I am actually going to make spirit dolls. I made the hands and face for the first doll yesterday, and he is resting now, drying ( I am using natural clay, so this will be a process). Once he is finished, I will post pictures on my other blog, you know the one with all the witchy stuff.  And then he is going for sale on Etsy. Yay!