H is for Hell If I Know

I have been contemplating since yesterday what to write for today with the letter H. All I have come up with is a hodgepodge of craziness, all which does not combine to make a great blog post, but rather are tippets and random thoughts, of no real substance.

I am trying to keep this month theme centered on two subjects – cinematic arts (movies and television) and books. I was still drawing a blank, as none of the books on my shelf to review happen to have H in their title, or even an Author with a name that starts with H.

The only movies I could think of are rather old – Hitch for example, is quite cute, but rather not current.

So I started thinking about hair (maybe because I had a really bad hair day yesterday)


I was thinking about facial hair to be exact, and actors whom should not be allowed to shave (Robert Downey Jr. looks like a boy until he leaves on some stubble, the same goes for Henry Cavil – he played Superman in Men of Steel, who turns into a teenager without facial hair, albeit one with lots of muscles).

Still that does not make a post on its own. So then there is Hope. Well hope is not related to movies or books, unless it is a theme, which usually implies religious. As I am non-religious but spiritual, I did not want to add that to this cinema and book blog – I got a spiritual blog for stuff like that.

At the end I did manage to come up with a heaping pile of some kind of random writing, that made it above 250 words. I shall now crawl into my corner of creativity and promise myself I will deliver something more coherent than this for the next letter.

Have a great day!