Stop Making Excuses

So dear fellow writers, creatives, and artists, I want to wake up this morning with a little kick in the behind.

Stop making excuses.

Say what?
You heard me right. Stop making excuses why you can not work on your creative projects, goals, and dreams. Stop that right now. Life is too short,  to waste another precious minute pondering upon the reasons why you can not follow through
The list of potential excuses are not going to get any shorter, just because you waited a month, a year, a decade to follow through. So stop, and do whatever it takes –  right now.

I am being hard on you here because I know how debilitating those excuses can be. I lived and breathed excuses. I would blame everyone and everything for why I do not have time, from lack of sleep to lack of resources, to not being good enough, or not having the right connections.

Guess what, if you do not do any of the steps needed to make your dream come true, you still will not have all of those things, and in addition to that, you will have a mediocre life at best. Do you really want that?
I did not think so.

So, say it with me, one more time.

Stop making excuses.

Start by asking questions. How about asking others for resources, or how they did it? How about getting your head away from that tv show and watch a youtube video on how others in your field made it? You will find, that many creatives do not mind sharing their “secrets”, which are no secrets through many platforms. Learn and then do.

I am rooting for you.




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Spring Time (Or Is It?) A Celebrate The Small Things Blog Post

Time to celebrate! 


Every moment where the temperatures reach at least close to what they are supposed to be this Spring, is a moment to celebrate. The US had a particular harsh winter, and while spring time still seems far away for some, every time the sun breaks through and warms us a little, it is indeed a time to celebrate.



Another thing I am grateful for is another blog posting challenge that is once a month “Blogging For Peace” . I just love that idea, of committing one post a month (that means two for me, as I have two blogs and I plan on dedicating both) to talk about peace. We can all use more of that.

Currently there is the Twitter Fiction Festival in progress, sponsored by (you guessed it) Twitter and major Publishing companies, like Penguin Books USA. I have had the pleasure of participating, and found a few new friends as well. I really enjoyed writing some really short fiction – writing a complete story in 140 characters is a challenge, but fun.

What are you grateful for this week?


Hits and Misses – Blogging Nightmares

Successful blogging – we all attempt it, some of us reach it – and there are the rest of us, me included. I have started with high hopes and dreams about what would be like to run a well traveled blog, and while I still hold onto those hopes, I have also discovered the little icky lurking beasts that somehow managed to move themselves from my more serious writing (with that I mean the stuff I am hoping to actually sell one day and make a living from) to here. You know those critters by their ugly names – Procrastination, Distraction, Writer’s Blog, and yeah, Life. 

Never put off until tomorrow, what may be done the day after tomorrow just as well – Mark Twain

I made plans, lists, goals, calendars, heck I watched Tony Robbins for crying out loud. Digging through the masses of examples and tips of how to make a blog more efficient, left me with a pile of things I should be reading – instead of watching the newest episode of NCIS, or get my Geek on with Agents of Shield. 

So it boils down to this – commitment. Am I really ready to commit myself to the task? I say yes, and while I am sure I will not say good bye to the friends I have named above – you remember them – I am saying “see you another day” and go on with this blog, with learning the craft, and publishing this darn novel if it the last thing I’ll do. 

Talk to you guys later – I got to shopping for headphones.