Why We Sell Our Art Via RedBubble And Zazzle

I love the idea of taking art, that seemed at times removed, something you just watch, but always at a distance, and apply it to applications of the daily life. No longer is there a  barrier between the person and the art, but now it can connect, influence and enhance your life on a more personal level.

Both RedBubble and Zazzle allow you to go beyond the wall print, and T-Shirts, but make art huggable via throw pillows and duvet covers, a constant companion, via cell phone cases and tote bags, or just a place to retreat back to via coffee mugs and other drinkware.

A part of what we created can become an active participant in your life. I find that a pretty cool deal. Thank you for that opportunity.

P.S. Check out our  fellow artist Shelley Neff’s work on RedBubble! She does amazing photography and art pieces, a true artist worth taking a second look at!