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Frozen – A Friday Flash Short Story


She was watching, always watching, silently frozen within the cold prison of carved stone.
Her capturer mocking her at first, from his mighty palace, parading by, every chance he got reminding her whom imprisoned her within.
But his whispers grew weaker with each passing year, while she remained young, the maiden who refused the king.
How dare her embark on the journey of displeasing the ruler, the one who could take anyone whom he wanted, no matter if there heart and body belonged to another.
Defending her, her mate had died in her arms on that fateful day, the cruel smile of the King resting upon them both as his life slid away into the cracks in the palace floor.
The anger and hatred toward the monarch of their land grew within her with each day as she stood overlooking the palace in its prime and glory. Patiently contemplating her revenge, she waited for the King to grew weaker, and with it his spell.
Until it was time.
The shadows of the night whispering in her ear, urging her on to free herself, to move and bring the doom upon the land, it’s people and it’s king.
With a swift motion of her arm, and a scream that pierced the night, she was finally free, her beautiful, preserved face glaring upon those beneath her with the hate of 40 years imprisonment.

Claudia H. Blanton 2014 – 2016


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