Book Review: Dark Prayer by Natasha Mostert

Title: Dark Prayer

Author: Natasha Mostert
Publisher: Portable Magic, Ltd
Genre: Mystery/Thriller
Release Date: Oct. 16th, 2014
Rating: 3/5 Stars


Eloise Blake is on the run from a life she can no longer remember. And from a killer who will stop at nothing, to protect a secret as old as time. From the award-winning author of SEASON OF THE WITCH, comes a thriller about memory, identity and the murderous consequences of a quest gone wrong. – NetGalley

A Thriller that takes a little long to get to the meat of plot but the story thankfully begins to pick up on speed after the first few chapters. The characters are well-developed, actually too well-developed, which led to the slower beginning. I personally prefer novels that get to the point a lot faster, but after a rocky start, this book became a much more intense ride, that is worth the wait. With the main character in a fugue state, having lost all memory of her past life, and having created a  new identity for herself, the Author managed to make a believable, yet mesmerizing story, with plenty of action.
Dark Prayer is my introduction to  Natasha Mostert, and after this book, I am intrigued to find out more about her work.


You can find a list of her books available on Amazon here

(Disclaimer: I have received a free copy from the publisher, via NetGalley, in return for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links, see disclosure page for details)

The Buried by Shelley Coriell – A Review

The Buried - A Book Review

Title: The Buried

Author: Shelley Coriell

Genre: Romance/Suspence

Publisher: Forever

Release Date: October 28th, 2014

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

It’s cold. And dark. I can’t breathe.”

Successful, ambitious state prosecutor Grace Courtemanche is at the top of her game. Then she gets a chilling call from a young woman claiming to be buried alive. Desperate to find the victim before it’s too late, Grace will do whatever it takes . . . even if it means excavating the darkest secrets of her own past and turning to the one man she thought she would never see again.

FBI agent Theodore “Hatch” Hatcher is a man without roots-and that’s the way he likes it. But when a grisly crime shatters Cyprus Bend, Florida, Hatch is dragged back to the small town-and the one woman-he hoped was in his rearview for good. Forced to confront the wreckage of their love affair, Hatch and Grace may just find that sometimes the deepest wounds leave the most beautiful scars-and that history repeating itself may just be what they need to stop a killer . . . and save their own hearts.


A fast paced, intriguing romance with plenty of plot twist that keep the reader engaged. Highly entertaining, with a variety of characters that all have their flaws, but are show a willingness to grow. While the male lead – Hatch – is at the beginning a little abrasive, to the point that it took me for a moment out of the otherwise very well constructed story, he redeems himself in the later parts of the book, and it becomes easy enough to understand, that the strong female lead – Grace – fell for him (again).

I love that the Author, despite the focus on romance, managed to keep up a very high paced plot, that rivals better mystery novels. I am very much looking forward to the next installment of the Apostles Series.

(An advanced copy of this book was given to me, by the publisher, in turn for an honest review)