Book Review: Change Your Mind – Heal Your Body

Book Review: Change Your Mind - Heal Your Body

Title: Change Your Mind – Heal Your Body
Author: Anna Parkinson
Publisher: Watkins Publishing Limited
Release Date: May 1st, 2014

Rating: 1.5/5 Stars

While some people can learn from the mere telling of another ones healing journey, or find at least comfort within the pages of a book that tells one how the Author overcame the struggle of disease, I am not one of them. When looking for a self-help book, may it be on healing or any other area of life, I prefer to be given a run down of the facts that they learned from their journey, of course with a few anecdotes, but not the other way around. In order for a self-help book to be helpful beyond the giving of hope, it has to be above all practical.
This book fails this aspect completely.
A re-telling of ones healing journey to the fullest detail, as Anna Parkinson has done in this book is actually detrimental to her health, as it rather focuses on the aspects of what was wrong and the struggle of finding a solution, rather than focusing on the solution, which the side note of struggle. We get it. It is hard to over come a disease, as millions of others has discovered. But in order to make that struggle value is to share the lessons learned, not the struggle many of us share.
To me, this is not a self-help book but a memoir of a strong person who wants to tell her story of triumph, and should be marketed as such. If marketed as a self-help book, this volume does not help the person reading it, to overcome their personal struggle.
I would not recommend it as such.

Book Review: Chakra Wisdom Oracle Toolkit by Tori Hartman

Book Review: Chakra Oracle Toolkit

Title: Chakra Wisdom Oracle Toolkit
Author: Tori Hartman
Publisher: Watkins Publishing Limited
Publishing Date: September 18th 2014
Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

This is not a book that is to be read, but a book to be worked with. If you are willing to put in the time, commit to exercises (which are plenty and enjoyable), to make a change in your life, then this book is a worthwhile purchase. Beautifully illustrated and well written, the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Kit is not only for those who have some experience in the subject matter, but is easy enough to use, that it will be a worthwhile workbooks for those who are new to Chakras and Oracles.
As I stated in the beginning this book is one of action, not a book of leisurable reading, and it asks the reader to commit to the entire year journey. Self-discovery is not a fast process, especially when one wants to make a lasting impact on one’s life. As a companion on your journey, this book is a valuable addition in self-improvement.

Have you every worked with Chakra’s of an Oracle Kit before? What is your favorite and why?

Here are some other self-help books I recommend:

Manifest Moment to Moment

A Smart Girl’s Guide To Getting What You Want

Happy Lemons



Five Books You Should Read This Summer

Over the last few weeks I have come across quite a few gems of new arrivals, that you should not miss out on. Isn’t there something wonderful about reading on a hot summer day? To fill those days, check out the following fiction and non-fiction books, that are worth your time:

1. The Keepers by Rae Rivers – my absolute favorite new paranormal romance series this year!

2. Touched by Darkness by Catherine Spangler – another paranormal series, that is sure to keep you wanting for more!

3. Parker’s Passion by Sabrina York – now there is a hot one for not the not faint of heart! Steamy!

4. The Snow Queen by Linda Wisdom – a book that does not leave you cold. Perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon!

5. Manifest Moment to Moment – because not all summer reads have to be pure entertainment.

Which books are you planning on reading this summer? What is your absolute favorite so far?


The Smart Girl’s Guide To Getting What You Want – A Review

A Smart Girls Guide - Review

Title: The Smart Girl’s Guide to Getting What You Want: How to be assertive with wit, style and grace
Author: Mary Hartley
Publisher: Watkins Publishing
Release Date: April 22, 2014
Rating: 5/5
The Smart Girl’s Guide to Getting What You Want, is an interesting and practical self-help book for the girl who needs more self-confidence and assertiveness.
Considering that I have never been someone lacking the latter (I always speak my mind, and learned early to fight for what I believe in), it is refreshing to see a book who is attempting to teach exactly that. Not everyone is automatically an assertive person, and often have I seen people with these types of personalities run over by a boss, a relative, a spouse.
This book does a fine job teaching how to overcome that, making sure to distinguish between being aggressive and assertive, which is, in my opinion, important.
This volume contains practical advice such as using tone of voice, posture and body language not only to your advantage, but also to recognize other peoples behavior patterns. Learning how to give and more importantly accept a compliment is another thing rarely taught, but shared here.
Overall I think this book is one of the better and more practical self-help books of late.
If you are in need of more assertiveness, this is the book for you.

Happy Reading!

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Book Review: Earth Blessings by Judy Hall

Earth Blessings - A Review

Title: “Earth Blessings”
Author: Judy Hall
Publisher: Watkins Publishing
Release Date: June 17th 2014
Rating: 5/5 Stars

The new book “Earth Blessings” by Judy Hall is a must read, not only for those who work with crystals in general, but also for those who care for our planet, the well being of our fellow non-human friends, and any light-worker.
Detailed descriptions on healing grids, in its most varied forms, from grids to heal the bees, to examples on more personal healing. I always enjoy her style of writing, I own several copies of her other crystal books, it is relate-able, and not as preachy as some other books of the same subject.
The layout of the book, as well as the illustrations and pictures, are highly attractive, and beautiful. As a reference book for grids, as a book of healing, and as a book for personal care with crystals, I highly recommend this volume to everyone.

Book Review: Optimal Living 360 by Sanjay Jain

Book Review: Optimal Living 360

Title: Optimal Living 360 – Smart Decision Making For A Balanced Life

Author: Sanjay Jain

Genre: Non-fiction/ Self-Help

Publisher: Green Leaf Book Group Press

Release Date: February 3rd 2014

Rating: 2.5/5

Optimal Living 360 is a very right brain, analytical self-help book that is set up more mathematical and clinical then emotional, which does not work for me.
This book is very detailed workbook with practical advice for those who look for a more structured approach to the self-help process. Filled with facts, it attempts to assist you in every aspect of your life, and considering the space of one book, it does fall short of doing so. No one single book can take on every aspect of living, in enough detail to touch more then the basics, even if it brought forth in such a straight forward way. Because of that, the Author fails in delivering the promise of a major overhaul.

Lazed with personal anecdotes that seem a little out of place in this volume, the writer attempts to connect with the reader by giving the “been there, done that” feel, but it feels forced, because it does not fit with the straight forward, right-brain formula approach of the rest of the book, and therefore seems as if an editor/publisher asked to have that added, rather then a natural development of the Author’s voice.

Overall someone who wants a basic outline of multiple aspects of life-improvement, without the depth of an expert in the individual and complex subjects such as diet, will find some useful information in this book. It is not your typical self-help volume, which will serve some readers who are looking for a different approach. But it is not for me, lacking in depth, in the ability to convince me of the sincerity of the Author or in the attempt of such a large subject matter in a single volume.

I am reviewing this book for NetGalley, who provided me with a copy.


Book Review: The Vegan Cookbook by Adele McConnell

Title: The Vegan Cookbook: Feed your Soul, Taste the Love: 100 of the Best Vegan Recipes

Author: Adele McConnell

Publisher: Watkins Publishing Limited

Release Date: March 18, 2014

Rating: 5/5 Stars
Vegan cookbooks often contain ingredients that are either hard to find, expensive or at worst both. This is not one of those books. Beautifully crafted recipes that are mouthwatering perfect, are paired with irresistible images of the creation, inspiring the reader from the first moment they open the book to dive right into the preparation.
Each section does not disappoint – from breakfast to snacks, salads to entrees, there are many inspirations to choose from. What also impressed me, is that most recipes have a potential variation on ingredients, so if you do not happen to have one item on hand, you have alternatives to reach for. Also, each recipe is concluded with easy to read symbols that allow you to choose according to your dietary needs and preferences, from sugar-free to raw.
Whether you are a full-time vegan like my daughter, a person who likes to reduce their meat intake, like me, or you are looking for some healthy meals to add to your repertoire, this book is for you.
My personal favorites are the Curried Cabbage and Potatoes on page 136, simply because I love really good curry, that is easy to make and satisfies even the meat-eaters in my family.

Happy cooking!

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