Celebrate The Small Things – Las Vegas Edition



I am happy to back blogging, and to be joining you all in this weeks “Celebrate The Small Things” Blog Hop, hosted by the wonderful Lexa Cain.

We finally completed  our move to Las Vegas, which was not just relocating ourselves but our entire business, and as you can expect that took some time, especially considering that we are also in the midst of expanding. So I am grateful to be sitting in my apartment (albeit small) typing this post and connecting with you all. Thank you for all of the encouraging words and well wishes we received since we announced our move, and throughout it. This meant a lot to all of us.

I am also grateful that the pets (two dogs and the cat) did well on the trip from Tampa to Las Vegas. We drove, so this took a while, but they all adjusted fine to the trip, and are now comfortably resting in our new place.

The people in our neighborhood are very friendly, so that is also wonderful. I am grateful for everyone greeting each other, as well as for the some short conversations I had with fellow dog owners. Our place has a special pet court yard which has grass (a luxury in the middle of the desert), and there is a dog park within two minutes walking distance (thank you to the neighbor who pointed that out to me)

It’s almost fall time, and I am so grateful that I can switch my attention from summer decor to fall decorations. I am launching my home decor and lifestyle blog within the next few days, and I am looking forward to sharing some of the beautiful finds, I have already run across (and of course I had to purchase some of them, I just can not help myself).

Hopefully all of you also had a great week! It will be fun reading what you guys wrote, and if you have not joined in with this group of wonderful bloggers, but would like to, just follow this link and add your blog to the list!

Till next week!


The Cure – A Spooktoberfest Post

The Curse - A Spooktoberfest Flash Fiction

The chill was deep and heavy, as she emerged out of her cocoon of blankets she had draped over herself, and moved toward the direction of the commotion not far from her front porch.
Ever since the new neighbors had brought with them three unruly teenagers, and many disturbing toys, the quietness of her weekend retreat was often broken. It did not matter how many polite visits, she or her fellow housemates made upon the threshold of the Millers, or how many times the other neighbors called the police. There was no stopping them, those who did not care for the rest of others, who in their short stay had managed to be topic of many discussions at the corner store. Like a bad virus, they where here to stay, but no one was happy about it.
A screeching, then a short scream, that sounded more of that of little girls, than young boys, followed by a quick curse-filled dash into their home, widen her grin and she nodded at the dark figures that emerged out of the thick shrubs.
The implementation of a cure had begun.

Copyright Claudia H. Blanton 2014

This post was inspired by the Spooktoberfest Blog Hop, which includes the following restrictions

  1. maximum word count 300 words
  2. include the following words: chill, cocoon, commotion, cursing, virus
  3. post by Oct. 28th 2014.

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Hear No Evil – See No Evil – A Flash Fiction

Light In The Dark Swan Print so pretty
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“He was such a nice guy!”, Grandma uttered.
“I would have never thought he would have done such a thing, always so friendly to everyone”, my aunt gasped.
“He was so polite, helpful too. There has to be a mistake.”, Grandpa answered, shaking his head.
“Oh stop it, everyone!” I pounded my fist onto  the coffee table, my voice echoing through the small living room. There was no way I could continue participating in these charades.
“Stop pretending you did not see the bruises on Mrs. Nellie’s neck, Mom. And you Grandpa, you rushed us into the house, when Mr. Nellie shoved his son so hard,  he fell up the stairs, ’cause he was not moving fast enough.”
My face was red with anger, my sight ablaze, as I gazed at my family who had gathered in our living room after the news broke, and the police cleared our street.

The news that our next door neighbor beat his wife to death, shot his son, and then had turned the gun on himself.

“Why does everyone pretended everything was okay? Why did you look away? If you would have said something, maybe Matt would be going to the Prom next month. Instead, we are going to his funeral. And his Mom deserved better, ” my voice wavered slightly, as I thought of the shy woman, who had smiled at me every morning.

My father stood up, and motioning toward me. “Danielle, honey…”
“Don’t honey me, Dad.”, I hissed.
I turned around, the dazed stares of my family burning into my back.


Copyright Claudia H. Blanton 2014

This post is a Daily Prompt post, asking about memories. Memories can deceive us, often we remember that which we want to see, and not always the reality as it presented itself.


Evening Jam Session

Picture this:

A relaxing evening of quiet reading at home. Children are behaving at their best, playing on their various electronic devices in harmony. Then all of a sudden, the silence is disturbed by drumming.

Nothing against drumming. Hey I am Pagan, I love drum circles, and I used to play percussion in my younger days (okay I am not that old, but it’s been a while). I just did not expect to be granted a first row seat – granted I am separated from the scene by the thin walls of our condo –  to a jamming session. 

Four hours later

The sound dies off, and I begin to hear the shuffling and conversations move toward the front of the building. Mind you it is 11 pm now, the kids and I should have been going to bed, but the drumming had kept us annoyed and awake.

I peaked out of the window overlooking the parking lot, half expecting to find younger and middle aged people to expell themselves from the tiny condo next door. Instead, I was greeted by the shuffling of walkers, and various other people whom could easily be my grandparents. 

I could not help but chuckle at that sight, as I turned and went back into the living room, finally coaxing all of us to bed.

Lesson learned here: Age is nothing but a number. I admire anyone who does not allow the clock of this world to define the choices they make, despite their more advanced age. But I do hope they will schedule their next jamming session a little earlier in the day.