Loving Mother

Loving Mother

benevolent love
protectress of those in your care
tenderness and ultimate

This poem was inspired by my connection to the Mother Goddess, in her form of Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Compassion. The poem is written in the form of cinquain.

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An Unexpected Guest


“I almost forgot how much I loved cake.”
“Aunt Lilly is a genius in the kitchen. You are the last person, I expected to see today.”
“Why? You had a lot of visitors lately, specially since your Mother passed.”
Sienna sighted.
“That is true. There have not been very many moments to just be alone.”
The older gentlemen nodded.
“Everyone wants to make sure you are okay.”
“Not a conventional way of making sure I am okay, though.”
“Since when has anyone in our family, ever done anything conventional?”
She chuckled.
“You are right, Grandpa. We are not exactly one of those cookie cutter families”.
His smile deepened.
“Absolutely not”.
“Thank you.”
“Has she stopped by, yet?”
“No. I miss her.”
“She will be here, soon. She is still going to be close by. We all are.”
“I know, Papa, thanks.”
“Of course, my Darling. I am going to go now, it takes a lot of energy to talk to you, hon. But if you need me, just call my name.”
“Thanks, Papa.”
He smiled one more time, before disappearing into the Nothing he had arrived from.

Copyright Claudia H. Blanton 2014

Broken – A Dark Flash Fiction


“You are asking me to give up my what?”
“Everything and anything that is associated with the world of the devil. Headphones, I pods, you know, all of the things you have accumulated, and that has led us to the despair so far.”
“You seriously are trying to get me to believe that the reason you and Dad had problems, is because of modern technology. I can’t believe you bought into this shit!”
“Daniella, watch your language!” The woman in a long black skirt drew a deep breath. “No one expects you to move from the world of the devil to the world of salvation without doubts. That is a part of the growth one has to experience. Father Thomas..”

“Father Thomas? That dude wants your money, the money you and Dad made in this world you call ‘of the devil’. How in the hell did you get so brainwashed? I was only gone for three months!”

She smiled at her daughter .”We always have been seeking salvation, and he has given us the answers.”

“Oh, bullshit! I am going back to LA, I only got a week until classes start again.”
“You are not leaving!” There was panic in the older woman’s voice.

“Oh, yeah?Watch me.  I am leaving. I am 19, Mom. Luckily Grandpa’s trust pays for my expenses. He was smart enough to leave me his fortune, now I know why.”

She paused, as the realization of her mother’s reasoning became clear. “He talked you into bringing me here, didn’t he? He thought you could force me to join his flock, give him access to my trust fund. You seriously thought I would do that? That is my future Mom, my way through medical school. Grandpa worked his rear end off to make sure, I could do anything I wanted, while you had your head in the clouds with all that religious nonsense, moving from one guru to the next.”

“Father Thomas is different.”
“Yeah, he is trying to milk you completely dry. I can’t believe Dad does not have the balls to stand up to you!”
“Seriously young lady…”
“Call me when you left this cult, you know where to find me.”

Danielle turned swiftly, rushing toward her hybrid,stumbling over the protruding roots to get away from this madness, but also to not allow her mother to see the tears that she could no longer hold back from streaming down her face.

Copyright Claudia H. Blanton 2014

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