Coffee, Cake and Movies – A Weekend Coffee Share Blog Post

If you would sit here with me for a cup of coffee, I would first of all offer you some homemade German cake. There is no way to have a proper “Kaffeeklatsch” or a coffee get-together without proper cake. Of course, I baked that from scratch, and, of course, there will be enough for you to take some home with you.

But I would also talk to you about two movies I watched this week, both of them taking me by surprise.

American Sniper - Movie Poster

American Sniper – Movie Poster

The first one was “American Sniper” a movie I wanted to refuse to see because of it political ties, something I wanted nothing to do with. I did not even want to be a part of the discussion – which is rare for me. But my husband wanted to watch it on his day off, so I decided to watch it with him, and was very much surprised how much I liked it, simply because I allowed myself to get into the story, and temporarily forgot about all of the other fuss. From a film standpoint, it is a very good movie.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Movie Poster

Guardians Of The Galaxy Movie Poster

The second movie I would tell you about would be “Guardians of The Galaxy”. Like the movie before I was avoiding to watch it, because I was not sure how in the world this concept would translate on the screen. Something told me that this movie was not a good idea. But I was hoping for the best because after all I am a Marvel fan, and Marvel knows how to make movies – at least most of the time.  I should have listened to myself. I would tell you, that I felt like calling Marvel, asking for my 2 1/2 hours back, a time that I felt was wasted by bad acting, and horrible jokes.

I would end our “Kaffeeklatsch” by inviting you back next week, promising you I will bake something different, equally delightful. And maybe you could tell me about the movies you were inspired to watch (or should not have watched).


X Is For X-Men: Days of Future Past – News

The release of X-Men: Days of Future Past is drawing closer (May, 23rd 2014), but not while already drawing some unwilling attention, not because of bad reviews, but because  of Director Bryan Singer’s announcement, that he will not be attending any of the premier festivities due to the abuse allegations against him. While I will not comment here on the case, I do consider this a fair and wise move, as it will take away the attention from him, and refocuses it on the film.

One of the pictures from the movie does bring us some mystery – Quicksilver is holding a young girl on his lap, and even though Brian Singer has denounced the possibilities of Quicksilver’s sister Scarlet Witch making an appearance, it does make us fans wonder, who then this little princess is, if not her.

See for yourself:



I for my part will look forward to this installation of one of my favorite Marvel characters, with the high hopes to be just as entertained as I was with the previous creations of this franchise.

Are you looking forward to this installation of the X-Men? Which of the Marvel franchises is your favorite?

On a side note: Bryan Singer also credited as the producer of a very interesting drama, I just recently wrote about, and which premiered last week: The Black Box 


C Is For Coulson

If you are a Marvel fan, or like to watch action movies, the likes of Iron Man and the Avengers, you know who I mean. For the rest of you mere Mortals, I speak of Agent Coulson of course, the Shield Agent who was the reason behind the Avengers getting their groove together, who sort-of died, and who is in charge of another miss-matched team in the Joss Whedon gem “Agents of Shield”.

Still having a hard time picturing him? Then try this Marvel short film, called ” A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Thor”

You’re welcome.

Clark Gregg, the actor who plays Agent Coulson is no newbie in the world of acting. Before playing in the many recent Marvel movies, he played on Will & Grace (which is one of my all time favorite comedies), and The West Wing. Clark was also a part of Joss Whedon’s film “Much Ado About Nothing”, in which he played Leonato – very nicely, if I might add.

Why am I posting about Coulson, (Clark Gregg), you asked? That is simple. I am a fan. And if you learn more about him, you might be too.

He is very active on twitter at @clarkgregg

You will have another chance to see him in action, next Tuesday on ABC, at 8 pm/9 pm Central.

A is for April: What’s New This Month

A To Z Challenge

A To Z Challenge

Rather than looking back, it is time to look forward, exploring our options in the wide world of entertainment.

April promises a few new worthy additions to our entertainment, in film, TV as well as in print.


The most talked about release of the month is without a doubt “Captain America – Winter Soldier”. While I am a Marvel Fan, and have been since childhood, the Captain America movies are the ones I am least looking forward to of the Marvel franchise. That is not to say that I do not anticipate a great entertaining movie, the character and its portrait by Chris Evans just does not have the appeal and flow that Iron Man or Thor has. Maybe it is because I hear Evans constant talk about not wanting to be in front of the camera as much, maybe that thought actually hinders his potential exploration of the character to its fullest. Still I will be watching, while waiting for the real gem, next years Avengers 2.


On Television, “The Black Box” will premiere on ABC, April 24th. I am confused and simultaneously fascinated by the thought of a television series, that explores mental illness, especially from the point of view of a neuroscientist, who struggles herself with it. Mental illness is so often swept under the rug, and a subject not often covered by television programs, unless it suits as a reason for murder in a drama or thriller. This angle of exploration has potential. I am looking forward to seeing how well it will be explored.


In book news, the great Mary Higgins Clark is releasing her newest novel today, a suspense thriller called “I’ve Got You Under My Skin”, which I am looking forward to reading and reviewing on this blog.


This post is a part of the A To Z Blogging Challenge.

Book Review “Reading Joss Whedon” – A Syracuse University Press Publication


“Reading Joss Whedon”
Publisher: Syracuse University Press
Authors: Rhonda V. Wilcox, Tanya R. Cochran, Cynthea Masson, David Lavery
Rating: 5/5 Stars
Release Date: March 31st, 2014

A detailed, expressive book that explores the details of the career of an icon – and my personal hero – Joss Whedon. This work reads like a mixture of an analysis as well as an ode to one of the most successful movie and TV producers/writers/directors of our time. It is hard to ignore him, or his success and for any fan of this talented man, it is hard to ignore this work – instead you should embrace it as an opportunity to revisit the many aspects of Whedon’s work, which are examined in their fullest glory. From film students to writers, tv enthusiasts and Marvel geeks, the deep examination of his range provides interesting conversations, thoughts and viewpoints, is a must for fans of Joss Whedon. Revisiting the individual shows he has created, it presents a study of motive, background, history and related anecdotes of each, which will bring for some readers a new depth to the connection of the creative genius of Whedon. A highly entertaining collection, this book is a must have for all those whom are a dedicated fan.