“The Long Road Home” – A Flash Fiction

Flash Fiction: The Long Road Home

“The Long Road Home” by Avalon Media available here:

Despite numerous diversions, I had followed through on my plans to make the trip to Santa Fe.
No matter what the Universe threw at me, I was determined to follow through, after all, I had made the promise to stand by my sisters side on her special day, even though I loathed weddings and knew it would mean I would have to encounter slimy old Uncle Thomas.
None of that mattered, nothing did, because I was happy for her, more importantly for the first time in her life, she was happy.
Diversions or not, I had to go in a hurry, and took a wrong turn that would end my life.

Copyright Claudia H. Blanton 2015

This post was inspired by this weeks prompt “Diversions” by Lillie McFerrin. The above image “The Long Road Home” is available on RedBubble here.

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Express Yourself Meme – Resolutions

Express Yourself - January

Express Yourself is back – well, actually it was never gone, but somehow I did not find the time for the majority of the last few months to post as a part of this blog hop. This year, however, I am a much more organized (cough) blogger – I hope, so I decided this would be a good time to try this again.

This week, we are asked to write about our resolutions. I am going to limit it here to my writing and blogging goals – I blogged about my more personal, and otherwise categorized resolutions on my spiritual blog already.

Here they are:

1. blog more regularily and with purpose. I am building a brand – me – so that means I have to be a more responsible and directed, mission-oriented blogger. This goes for all three of my blogs.

2. balance three blogs, and not neglect any of them. Every one of my blogs covers an area of my life I am very passioned about. Because they really are not related, and putting them into one would be an unorganized mess, I have three. Spirituality, Productivity, and of course, this one about writing/reading.

3. connect – I want to build relationships, and maybe even friendships through these blogs. Writing means not much without an audience, and caring for this audience is a part of this years mission.

I am looking forward to reading all of your different resolutions!

Wishing you all the most wonderful 2015!


Man’s Best Friend – A Flash Fiction Fantasy


“You finally have a chance to talk to me, in a way that I can understand you, and you are only asking for  three things?”
“I am dog, we are simple creatures, what do you really expect me to ask you about, the meaning of life itself? Or for the reason you insist on watching these god-awful reruns of the 70’s show?”

Ben shook his head.

“Very funny Hector. And I really do like that show.”
“Well, I really like bacon. Real bacon, not that fake stuff you sometimes get, trust me, it is nothing like bacon at all. That box thing lies to you humans all of the time.”
“I am aware of that. The lies, I mean”.
“Then why are you watching it?”
“I am not justifying my television habits to you. You have questionable habits too. I caught you eating out of the cat litter box, for crying out loud”.
The retriever lowered his eyes the floor.
“Only once. I wanted to know more about that furry thing you brought home.”
“By eating his shit?”
“Then give me some real bacon to eat. There is my alternative.”
Ben chuckled.
“Okay, deal. A back-scratcher?”
“Yes, for you to scratch me with, my back, I mean. Isn’t that what they are for? Or is that another human thing, where it has a name, but it means something else?”
“No, it’s to scratch backs, I will get you one. But that third one, come on, how am I supposed to arrange that?”
“A play date with that Doberman Pinscher next door? Easy. You are attracted to her owner. That way we both get what we want!”
“Hector, seriously!”
“I am looking out for you here, man.”

Ben shook his head, then grinned as he thought about the brown eyed, pretty young woman, who had moved next door just  two weeks earlier. Her sweet smile, had made his heart jump, the first time he saw her enter their building, her puppy by her side.
“Yeah, you are looking out for me.”
“Man’s best friend, you know. Just doing my job.”

Book Review: The Vegan Cookbook by Adele McConnell

Title: The Vegan Cookbook: Feed your Soul, Taste the Love: 100 of the Best Vegan Recipes

Author: Adele McConnell

Publisher: Watkins Publishing Limited

Release Date: March 18, 2014

Rating: 5/5 Stars
Vegan cookbooks often contain ingredients that are either hard to find, expensive or at worst both. This is not one of those books. Beautifully crafted recipes that are mouthwatering perfect, are paired with irresistible images of the creation, inspiring the reader from the first moment they open the book to dive right into the preparation.
Each section does not disappoint – from breakfast to snacks, salads to entrees, there are many inspirations to choose from. What also impressed me, is that most recipes have a potential variation on ingredients, so if you do not happen to have one item on hand, you have alternatives to reach for. Also, each recipe is concluded with easy to read symbols that allow you to choose according to your dietary needs and preferences, from sugar-free to raw.
Whether you are a full-time vegan like my daughter, a person who likes to reduce their meat intake, like me, or you are looking for some healthy meals to add to your repertoire, this book is for you.
My personal favorites are the Curried Cabbage and Potatoes on page 136, simply because I love really good curry, that is easy to make and satisfies even the meat-eaters in my family.

Happy cooking!

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Progress – A Daily Prompt Post


Today’s Prompt is:

When you look back at your blog on January 2, 2015, what would you like to see?


Oh, that is something I have actually been contemplating – progress – how to move forward and create the end results I have been working so hard on.

Next year, I will have a link to my published trilogy on the blog, as well as my Short Story collection (it already has a title “How To Train A Cat And Other Impossibilities”). I will have gained so many beautiful friends from this blog roll – some of which I have already met, and we meet on each others blogs on a regular basis. It will be filled with useful information, entertaining stories, laughter and my favorites, dark fantasy and horror.

It will be a place to find a quick escape via my flash fiction. It will be uplifting at times, spiked with the occasional motivation, because that is who I am.

It will be a place where the worries of your day won’t find you, and where a hug and a virtual cup of coffee is available to everyone who wants and needs it.

That to me would be progress!