Illusion – A Flash Fiction

Illusion - A Flash Fiction

No matter how many times I have tried to explain, you don’t hear me. You only see the reflection of who you think I am, a far cry from the true me, my essence. Even when you speak about me to others, it is hard for me to hear, the irritation impossible to hide, for you share not whom I am, but whom you would like me to be. Can you even hear me? While you share your stories, I sit here, waiting for the moment to escape, the moment where I am free to be seen as myself.

Copyright Claudia H. Blanton 2014

This Flash Fiction  was inspired by the Daily Prompt “Leftovers” and the Flash Fiction Prompt “Irritation“. It is also inspired by a conversation I had with my daughter. Often times we do not see the ones we love as the person they truly are, but through our own imperfections and flaws, or as we want them to be, missing out on discovering the true beauty of the person standing in front of us.

Frustration – A Flash Fiction

Frustration - A Flash Fiction

I have never felt so lost in my life, totally overwhelmed, on the deepest level.
How am I supposed to tackle this task, when I don’t even know what half of this means?
These instructions are the worst example of directions I have ever experienced.
And I only got till 8 pm, when everything has to be perfect.
My hands are shaking with frustration, as I toss the cookbook onto the kitchen counter.

Copyright Claudia H. Blanton 2014

This Flash Fiction was inspired by the book “The 4 Hour Chef”, by Timothy Ferriss, who tackles the frustrations of cooking and cookbooks while teaching you how to learn everything (review coming soon!)

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The Watcher – A Dark Fantasy Flash Story

These walls were his temporary domain.

Sure, it was nothing fancy, at least not when it came to the comfort level, and the constant day-time traffic of spoiled children, bored parents, and a few actually interested fellas, which did make it hard to let loose.

So he lurked around corners, watching, observing these silly creatures, that called themselves advanced, intelligent and in charge. None of that, was their true nature.

They were none of what their ego portrayed them to be, the illusion of grandeur, advanced creation of a deity, they so often worshiped in the paintings, that lined the walls, of this large building they called a museum.

But in truth, those images only reflected the pathetic creations they really where. Filled with hatred for those of difference, perusing conquests, creating war and destruction.

He saw their darkness, yet hid in their presence, patience, superior to those whom he observed and shared the space with, day in and day out.

For now.

Watching, learning, plotting.
A temporary situation, for the right time, his time, would soon arrive.

The time to reveal to those before him, how insignificant they really were.

Copyright Claudia H. Blanton 2014

Today’s story originated from following writing prompt and is a part of the “Daily Post”

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The Becoming – A Flash Fiction Fantasy

The Becoming - A Flash Fiction Fantasy

The changes where subtle at first, almost not noticeable, and for a while she thought she was just imaging things. She had always been an imaginative person, so it was easy to come to this conclusion, to pretend the truth away.
The tingling in her left hand should have been an indication, but not enough to make her to make a connection. Of course, she remembered the warning of the old woman,  but who listened to old women anyway? Rarely anyone of her tender age, even less so if that older woman looked as crazy in black as that one had.
She should have listened.
The mumbling of merging and destiny where vague, while the mixture, of fear and awe on that hags eyes were burned into her soul.
She should have listened to the instructions, on how to deal with the increasing stiffness, and how to control the merging,
Strangely, it did not hurt, there was no pain, no discomfort, but a cooling sensation as her left arm, slowly became “something else”.
She smiled, interestingly void of fear, the crystal within her growing, becoming her, merging with her, increasingly becoming One.

Copyright Claudia H. Blanton 2014

This flash fiction was inspired by Daily Prompt