Worst Scenarios: The Final Heist – A Flash Fiction Horror Story

Daily Prompt is asking us today what the worst case scenario would be for this day, and what would be the best.

The following flash fiction short story is about one of these worst case scenarios, originally published on my old blog, last year:

The Final Heist

This was supposed to be our last job. It was large enough to set us for life, both of us, and our families, reaching our goal of financial independence a few years earlier then expected.
A quick job, in and out, methodical and clean, a robbery of its finest and planned to the T.
Nothing was going to stop us, after all, we knew how to act quick, and in all of our years of criminal activity we never had to physically harm anyone.
We were proud of that fact.
We had principles.
And we knew how to stay out of the radar of the police.

Everything was planned, today was supposed to be the day and all we had to do was wait until it was past midnight. We had found the perfect place to watch and wait, to embrace and be embraced by the darkness that was going to be absolute on this day before the New Moon. We were used to waiting patiently, our patience had been practiced like an artist practiced his specialty.

What added to the satisfaction was that we were robbing those who robbed others.

Then everything that could go wrong went wrong.

We did not even make it out of our car when he found us. Dan was dead before he could react, his throat slashed with a quick efficiency that only a master could bring forth. He knocked me out, before I was able to reach for the Magnum in the glove compartment. He wanted to take his time with me.

In all of our luck and precision, our planning and concise pre-arrangements we had to park ourselves in the hunting grounds of a serial killer.

A serial killer with preferences for blond women.

Just after midnight, the darkness covering the area as deep as it could, with such an completeness I had never seen before, the time when we were supposed to rake in the heist of our lifetime, I began begging him to let me die.

Copyright Claudia H. Blanton 2013-2014


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Betrayal – A Flash Fiction


While he entered the dark abyss of the rows of prison cells, I entered the dark abyss of despair.
Yes, he deserved to be behind bars, I was still mad at him for that, for betraying me and the kids.

How could he embezzle the money from those poor people to fill his own bank account?
Into a private bank account I had no knowledge about? What was he trying to do? How deep did this madness of his go?

Too many questions that where unanswered, but I really did not care. All I wanted to do, was pull the covers over my head and pretend the world away.Pretend that he was coming home in a few hours, late at night, as usual.

Nothing would ever be the same.

I glanced around the empty and silent brownstone. At least we would not have to move. Shelley had to move after her husband was caught stealing from his own brothers company. She had no money of her own.

I was lucky.

I was wealthy in my own right.

But what did all the wealth in the world mean, when the one I loved had been living a lie, lying to everyone, including, me, the one person whom he always said he trusted?

And how in the world, am I going to explain what happened to the kids, when I don’t even understand?

The lock on the front door make its rattling noise, and the heavy entrance, made space for the concerned look of my teenage daughter arriving home from school.
I raised above the blankets.

“Mom, is it true? Is what they are saying in the news true?”
I nodded silently, not trusting my voice, wrapping her in my arms with a fierceness that pierced through the darkness inside my heart.

A Second Chance – A Friday Flash Story


Her heart pounded at the desolate sight in front of her. Nothing was like she remembered, nothing, yet this now unfamiliar place, held within it the most important memories of her life.

“You do remember?”

“Of course, how could I ever forget?” She turned her head toward the man in front of her.

He was shadow of the man he once was. Thin and frail, cancer eating away from the once hard and strong body that held her in his arms, his power and life-force so strong, that it used to scare her sometimes. He could have done anything he wanted to her, the small framed woman, that got his youthful attention. Instead he chose to love her.

And that had scared her even more, so much more that she had run away until today.

“Nothing is what it used to be.”

Even his voice was broken, and it tore her apart. Oh, the chances of love she missed by leaving him. Now, dying, their time was not enough to make up for the lost moments. Her fear had destroyed that chance. She would do anything to be able to turn back time. To make another decision.

“I should never have left you.”

He smiled, pulling her closer, his arms wrapping around her, as loving and gentle as they used to.

“It does not matter. You are here now.”


Copyright Claudia H. Blanton 2014