Alexander (The Movie) – A Review

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Movie: Alexander

Release Year: 2004

Director: Oliver Stone

Rating: 5/5 Stars

I have always been fascinated by Ancient History. It was my favorite subject in school, and is my favorite subject to teach. Out of this reason, and many others, I decided to watch Alexander, directed by Oliver Stone, in its extended cut version, today.

While of course this is a movie rather then a documentary, produced by an epic, and larger then life director, it is essentially the story of a great man. There are sure ways the execution of it could have been done better – rather then switching back and forth within the time line, it could have been done linear, but the care it showed for each individual character was superb. As a fan of Jared Leto, I was drawn to his performance, which was as I expected exceptional, as the best friend, and essentially true love of Alexander. Colin Farrell gave an charismatic, emotional and convincing performance, even if it was considered controversial, and I have a feeling not well received because of that. Glad, that I had only heard of a hint of the controversy about the movie and its main characters relationship with two males, to whom he was closer then any woman, I saw only the depth of their relationship, rather then the dissatisfaction that others have expressed about the film, because of it.
The fight scenes where epic and grant, nothing less is to be expected by an Oliver Stone project. Sometimes the gore was much, but war is not pretty, and should not be described as such, and back then it was even more personal and therefore more explicit. Maybe it also hinted on stereotypes when it expanded to include the people of Asia, but it is after all a movie from the view of a limited worldview, of the times of the beginning of exploration, rather then after it.

In all I really enjoyed the movie, I enjoyed the care of portrayal of each characters, the emotion, the visual execution, and its depth. Having one of my favorite actors, and musicians in its cast (Jared Leto), was the icing on the cake.


L Is For The Lone Ranger

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I was reluctant to watch this movie, because of its lack of box office success (175 million gross) and mediocre press, and the controversy that followed, with the producer, Jerry Brockheimer, the co-lead actor, Armie Hammer, and the director Gore Verbinski accusing critiques of writing bad reviews before the movie was released to be critiqued.

But I always enjoyed Johnny Depp’s performances, so I thought we would sit together as a family and give it a try. Here are my thoughts:

I thoroughly enjoyed this Disney movie, and so did my husband and teenage daughter. While it was not a blockbuster at the likes of Marvel creations, it was funny, with several laugh out loud moments, most of them involving either the banter between the two main characters, or parts including the white horse, that plays a rather large role in this film.

Granted, it is not a movie to watch over and over again, but it is charming, the plot engaging and there are no boring moments throughout the entire running time. It is also a movie one can watch with the entire family, without it being so lacking of action, that older children would have problems enjoying the story. There are not very many bad things I can say about this film, with the exception that Armie Hammers acting felt on a few occasions a little flat and that the main villain was somewhat predictable.

If you have not seen it, it is worth renting. Currently it is also available on HBO.

Here is a peak at the movie via it’s trailer: