S Is For Starstruck

While I admire many people in the creative arts, there are only two at the moment in who’s presence I would turn into a starstruck fan girl, should I ever had the good fortune to meet them. Mainly because I admire them further then just the creative endevour of their many accomplishments, but also as people, with a depth, and character qualities that I think of as high in value.

One of these people is probably not surprisingly Joss Whedon. As a creative artist, he has accomplished much, sometimes despite of what others might have thought. Perserverance has brought forth some of the most highly acclaimed television shows and movies. But beyond that, he has shown a care for others, specifically for women’s equality causes, which has earned him my admiration. Let me share as an example his “Equality Now” speech with you:


The second person I want to write about is Jared Leto. While his music through Thirty Seconds of Mars is widely acclaimed, and I am surely a fan of his songs as well as his acting skills, it is his thoughtfulness for his family and his dedication to both venues he chooses to express himself in, that inspires me the most. His documentary “Artifact” showing a deeper look into the music industry and how artists struggle to get fairly compensated for their art – fighting at times both ends, the labels who are obviously into making profit, and those who illegally download and share the hard work of the artists.

Here is the trailer:

It is currently available through itunes and Amazon, watch it, even more so if you are thinking about working with or in the music industry.




J Is For Johanssen

As in Scarlett Johanssen that is. You know her from the Iron Man movies, as the voice in “Her”, and also, “Robot Chicken”.

Scarlett Johanssen has been busy. Yes I know she is pregnant, not what I meant, but besides working on Avengers 2 and having a kid, she has two movies coming out shortly (or have been released last week), which both sound weirdly interesting. Oh, and a Black Widow movie has just been announced! Busy woman, good for her. Let me start with “Lucy”


Release Date: August 8th 2014

By: Universal Pictures

Director/Writer: Luc Besson

In Lucy, Scarlett plays a young woman who gets caught in the midst of a dark deal, waking up with drugs sown into her stomach. As one of them bursts, her abilitiy to access her brain becomes enhanced, leaving her able to manipulate her environment beyond what should be physically possible. It is a movie tailored to Scarlett’s abilities, her fighting skills she equired for her role as Black Widow come to display. Impressive action scenes seemed to be littered throughout this dark movie, that also features Morgan Freeman.

Here is the trailer:

And here is the second one:

Under The Skin

Release Date: April 4, 2014

Director: Jonathan Glazer

Under The Skin is a surreal, limited release movie, with Sci-Fi elements. It is based on a novel by Michel Faber.
The main character, an Alien, played by Johanssen, takes on human form in order to seduce men, so she can harvest their organs, under the supervision of another alien, who has taken on the form of a male motorcyclist.


Both movies are certainly worth taking a closer look at, building around a strong female lead character. Enjoy!




Sam Mendes, Penny Dreadful and Bond 24

I ┬ájust finished watching “Skyfall” (review posted tomorrow), when I ran across some info on the next Bond film (Number 24) and its director Sam Mendes

To begin I must say, that I am happy to hear that Sam Mendes has been sought after to direct the next Bond as well. He brought back the traditional feel of the original, “old style” spy movies, that I fell in love with the first time I saw Sean Connery move across the screen, as 007.

Sam Mendes is also creating a new series for Showtime, called Penny Dreadful, which from the snippets available seems beautifully dark and menacing with a paranormal twist, that makes my heart sing. I might actually have to subscribe to Showtime now, just to see more of what Mr. Mendes has created for us.

Here is a taste of the show:

Speaking of Bond, Timothy Dalton and Eva Green (Casino Royale) are a part of the cast of this horror spectacle. John Logan is the creator behind the show, who is announced to be writing the screenplay for the next two Bond movies, and is the master behind “The Last Samurai”, “Hugo” and “Sweeney Todd”. ┬áNo stranger to the darker shade of the cinematic experience then, while leaving enough space for real plot, deeper character development and not just gore.

In more Bond news, the villain for installment 24 is rumored to be quite a surprise for me. Chiwetel Ejiofor. (Please do not ever have John Travolta try to pronounce his name in public). The lead actor of “12 Years a Slave” would make a very interesting addition, a choice I would not have expected, but has me intrigued.

Stay tuned for additional news on the James Bond movies, I will try to keep you updated.