Blogging, Tips And Principles


Are you an Author with a social media strategy? In order to get heard, read, seen, noticed and paid attention to, you HAVE to create your own social media presence.

Did you know that publishing houses (and some agents) are more likely to work with someone who already established a presence on the internet? The best time to find out more on how to get noticed is not after you finished or published a book, rather before or during the writing process.

I have been experimenting a little with some of the blogging and social media tips that I have come across of as of late.The following questions (and more) arose from that content:

  • Does social media feed scheduling work?
  • Is there a system to get more followers, comments and acknowledgment?
  • Does sticking to certain principles limit ones potential market and therefore success?

Some tips from so-called social media experts are nothing but vehicles to sell their products. Don’t bother. There are many companies build around making a buck off your unknowing, or unwillingness to do yourself. The key is to find out what works for you, and your specific audience.

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From time to time, I will use this platform to write about the fails and wins of those tips that have come my way. It will serve not only as a reminder to myself to be active in a time where knowing how to navigate the jungle of social media is essential, but maybe I can help you find something that works for you. Remember, not everything works with every audience, and for every person, so I might find something the best thing since coffee, while it does not do anything for you. But maybe it will.

Really quick about principles:

Success achieved by denying an essential part of yourself is not success. Embrace all the facets of yourself. Stay authentic no matter what!

If, in the midst of your social media experience, you feel the need to share about something your passionate about, whatever the subject may be (feminism, animal rescue, the economy, your faith, gun rights, whatever gets you going), then do so – to an extend. While it is easy for your passion about these subject to overtake your posting, it is also easy to not post about them at all, and with that deny a part of who you are. Your passion, whatever it isĀ , it makes you unique, and believe it or not, there are people just waiting to agree with you, looking for someone who has the guts to say something, that might be a little different. Just be polite about it. Learn from those who have fallen on their noses for posting outrages things without the care of others feelings. So keep it small, keep it polite, but post away!