The Liar – A Haiku

Image "About Birdsong" by Jay Taylor

Image “About Birdsong” by Jay Taylor

frustrations arise
tangled web of well-placed lies
harsh truth uncovered

Copyright Claudia H. Blanton 2015

(Disclaimer: The above image “About Birdsong” is by artist Jay Taylor, and is available at RedBubble, of which I am an affiliate, supporting independent artist in reaching a wider audience, thank you)

Hits and Misses – Blogging Nightmares

Successful blogging – we all attempt it, some of us reach it – and there are the rest of us, me included. I have started with high hopes and dreams about what would be like to run a well traveled blog, and while I still hold onto those hopes, I have also discovered the little icky lurking beasts that somehow managed to move themselves from my more serious writing (with that I mean the stuff I am hoping to actually sell one day and make a living from) to here. You know those critters by their ugly names – Procrastination, Distraction, Writer’s Blog, and yeah, Life. 

Never put off until tomorrow, what may be done the day after tomorrow just as well – Mark Twain

I made plans, lists, goals, calendars, heck I watched Tony Robbins for crying out loud. Digging through the masses of examples and tips of how to make a blog more efficient, left me with a pile of things I should be reading – instead of watching the newest episode of NCIS, or get my Geek on with Agents of Shield. 

So it boils down to this – commitment. Am I really ready to commit myself to the task? I say yes, and while I am sure I will not say good bye to the friends I have named above – you remember them – I am saying “see you another day” and go on with this blog, with learning the craft, and publishing this darn novel if it the last thing I’ll do. 

Talk to you guys later – I got to shopping for headphones.