Loving Hands – A Haiku

Haiku: "Loving Hands"

“Loving Hands” by Avalon Media http://shrsl.com/?~8po8

supported by your
loving hands, new dreams begin
gentle summer breeze

Copyright Claudia H. Blanton 2015

The above image “Loving Hands” by Avalon Media, is available as a framed art print on RedBubble. Thank you for your support.
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Why We Sell Our Art Via RedBubble And Zazzle

I love the idea of taking art, that seemed at times removed, something you just watch, but always at a distance, and apply it to applications of the daily life. No longer is there a  barrier between the person and the art, but now it can connect, influence and enhance your life on a more personal level.

Both RedBubble and Zazzle allow you to go beyond the wall print, and T-Shirts, but make art huggable via throw pillows and duvet covers, a constant companion, via cell phone cases and tote bags, or just a place to retreat back to via coffee mugs and other drinkware.

A part of what we created can become an active participant in your life. I find that a pretty cool deal. Thank you for that opportunity.

P.S. Check out our  fellow artist Shelley Neff’s work on RedBubble! She does amazing photography and art pieces, a true artist worth taking a second look at!


Haiku: Contrast

Image “Contrast” by Claudia H. Blanton

tiny yellow bird
the darkness embraces us both
finally, I’m home

Contrast is everywhere, it is our constant companion right up there with change and death. I am not trying to sound morbid because all three actually show us the beauty of what surrounds us. Without contrast, there would be nothing highlighted, nothing boasted out of the sometimes dreary day to day existence. Some things shine brighter in the midst of darkness, then they would in a sea of light.
I love playing with the concepts of contrast, change and death in my art as well as my writing.

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