Best of Zazzle – Fall Edition # 1

I love Autumn, in all of its colorful glory. This season’s holidays are my favorite – the fun Halloween celebrations, as well as the gathering of family and friends for Thanksgiving. Every year we carefully change our decor, the bright and deep reds, yellows and oranges surrounding us with every step. I try to make this change special for our children, as we do not always life in a place where we can truly appreciate the change of colors and temperature – like right now in Las Vegas – by adding some extra fun decor for them.

If you like Fall as much as I do, you will probably appreciate the following designs of independent artists surrounding this theme. They have captured my attention, and maybe you choose to bring them into your home, as I have done before.

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Aren’t these beautiful? As always, thank you for supporting independent artists with your purchase. You are truly appreciated!


What is your favorite season? Do you have any special activities you plan during that time of the year that you look forward to the most? I would love to hear from you!

Have a wonderful day!


Book Review: The Crochet Workbook by Silvia Kosh and James Walters

The Crochet Workbook

Title: The Crochet Workbook
Rating: 3.5/5
By: Silvia Kosh, James Walters
Release Date: March 19th, 2014
Publisher: Dover Publications
ISBN: 978-0-486-49621-4

The Crochet Workbook is a nicely illustrated book, that covers the most basic techniques to raised stitches, how to create classic bobbles, to the Solomon’s knot. From the beginner to those with more experience in crocheting, the Author took her time to describe each detail in understandable terms, including the terminology in both British and US versions of instructions.

The free-form chapter brings a creative approach to crochet, allowing the creator to “doodle”, a welcome difference to the traditional crochet techniques I was taught as a child. I am looking forward to exploring these techniques in the creating of a sweater, which could benefit from the unique free-form.
The pictures also include examples of shaped crochet, such as as a tea cup, and even a miniature tree, which show the potential of creative out of the box free-form.

The idea of mind-mapping transcends this form of craft, and could be used in other forms of needle work as well. What a wonderful idea to spark ones imagination, and get the creative juices flowing!

The only downside of this book, is in my opinion the very old school look and feel of the volume, that reminds me of the magazines my mother and grandmother used to create their craft experiments, rather then an updated book about crochet. Even some of the pictures seem to be taken out of that time, rather then fresh and new, while the illustrations are thorough.

If you are looking for a book that covers all of the basics, while leaving room for imagination and creativity, this book is worth your while, but there are more visually stimulating and updated volumes on the market, that have a more modern appeal. This book has been originally published in 1989, and apparently the images are from the original publication, which is a shame, because that is it’s only downfall, but to me is one of the deciding factor between the purchase of two books of the same subject.

Dare To Dream

Dare to Dream

Dare To Dream – A Haiku

every breath a risk
anticipating changes
should I dare to dream?

Copyright Claudia H. Blanton 2014

Taking chances does not have to be as grand as “Walking on the Moon”.  Taking a chance by making a change is a dare enough.

Being a part of the Daily Prompt is a risk – will people read what you write?

Changing the direction of a blog is a risk – will people read your new focus and accept the change?

Writing about long held fears and personal tribulations is a risk – will people think I am weak?

Taking risks, daring to dream, reaching out of one’s comfort zone does not have to be of grandeur, its size is not the importance but the stretching of ones mind is. Do you dare? Or will you stay within your own self-imposed borders, that if left too long in the same place, can become a prison of your own making.

Dare to dream – take the risk!

P.S. speaking of taking the risk, I am actually going to make spirit dolls. I made the hands and face for the first doll yesterday, and he is resting now, drying ( I am using natural clay, so this will be a process). Once he is finished, I will post pictures on my other blog, you know the one with all the witchy stuff.  And then he is going for sale on Etsy. Yay!