Classes In Society



Classes in society – an outdated concept?

A label of separation we give ourselves to define our differences between each other. It also indicates less of fluidity between motion of successful and just starting out, reaching ones goals, or failing to do so. 

My neighborhood for example.

I live in a nice “middle class” condo complex. It is well taken care off, has everything that a nice complex should have, beautiful pools, a club house, grounds well kept, a lake, boat and RV parking, security. We all pay the same, our properties are worth about the same. So you would think we would be all of the same level, approximately in income or “class”. 


We have one person who takes his turns to dig through the dumpsters. We have another whom has a weekly maid service, as well as gets her car detailed – at home. We have people who drive antiques, and people who’s car if it had a wash would fall apart. We have families with 7 kids in a 2 bedroom condo, and a retired NFL player, who lives there with his 2 purebred dogs and his elegant wife. We have a person who changes his luxury cars (which are worth more then his condo) faster then other people their outfits, and a single Airforce captain. Some struggle to make ends meet, some like us, get a weekly organic vegetable delivery, well because I can. 

We all live in the same neighborhood, under the same roofs, separated by (sometimes) too thin walls, and expectations about life. We are all what you would call middle class, but if defined by income and our way of spending money, have nothing in common. 

But we do have something in common. We are not classes. We are people. We are filled with the same emotions. We all have dreams. We could choose to separate ourselves, but we don’t. We all have value. We all live here, in this corner of the planet. 

If we would do ourselves a favor and stop looking at classes, but rather at each other as people of value, all in our own way, maybe we could reach outside of our (sometimes) self-imposed prison of social class. 

Have a wonderful day!

This post is a part of the Daily Prompt:

Every city and town contains people of different classes: rich, poor, and somewhere in between. What’s it like where you live?