Responsibilities – A Haiku

smiles make my face hurt, soul break
swaying with the wind

Copyright Claudia H. Blanton 2015

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Morning Coffee – A Flash Fiction

Flash Fiction: Coffee

Hands shaking, she knew she would never take another step for granted. Too many years, too many battles past through and won, did not leave her without scars, but they did not leave her broken. Not yet, not at this time, when she had one more thing left to do. Dropping the crushed pill into the cup of coffee, she placed a well rehearsed smile on her face, and a cheer in her voice, as she straightened her spine. “Honey, your coffee is ready!”

Impact – A Flash Fiction

Flash Fiction: Impact

One day can change everything. I had never appreciated that sentiment until this very moment. A breath, a glance, a decision, all actions that are fleeting, but their impact felt long after, creating waves of changes not to be taken lightly. Until now, standing here, in the midst of the thick, lushious lawn, feeling simutaniously at home and lost, I did not know the depth of this truth. But at the end, all that matters to me now, is that those decisions brought me right here – to you.

Copyright Claudia H. Blanton 2015

Her – A Flash Fiction

She wasn’t supposed to be here, hell she was not even supposed to be in this country, according to his sources, but even the best sources could get it wrong. His heart broke with every step she took toward him, knowing that, no matter what he would say, he could not explain away the pain he had caused her, the pain of him leaving her behind, even if it was to keep her safe.
Her eyes, fixed on his, dark with a deep well of emotions, he brazed himself for a tirade of screams, accusation, and yes, even a slap. But he never expected, that she would place her lips on his own.

Copyright Claudia H. Blanton 2015


Thank You And Good-Bye – A Flash Fiction

Thank you and Good-Bye - A Flash Fiction

I thought I should tell you, that your phone call this crisp, bright morning, saved my life. You know which call I am talking about, the one where you broke up with me, because you where too cowardly to do it to my face. It stopped me in my tracks, leaving me too breathless to cross the street, right as a speeding car ran the red light in front of me. So, I thank you from the bottom of my heart and with all sincerity – good-bye.

Copyright Claudia H. Blanton 2014

This post was inspired by the Daily Prompt, where we were asked to use the following  words within any post of our choice: a phone call, a crisp, bright morning,and  a speeding car.

Survival – A Flash Fiction

Surivival - A Flash Fiction Story

What if I wanted to break… Leave it all behind for a moment, just take her somewhere away with me.”

“Trust me that would not be a good thing. You know how he is about his people. Tight reign and all.”

Frowning, Sal took a sip of his coffee, and grimaced. Too strong, bitter it burned his throat, but he needed it to stay awake. Staying awake was crucial. Staying alert meant survival.

“He knows I promised her.”

“He also knows that your promises to anyone else mean nothing, compared to the oath you took, when you joined. It’s for life man. He did not take you serious. A great lie to get laid. That’s all that was.”

“I know, I know.”

Looking down south onto the dirty, gray streets, he cursed silently the day and the place he was born. Growing up here, choices where made for you. Either you complied, or you ended up in a dark corner somewhere, disregarded, like a heaping pile of garbage, worth nothing. Less than nothing.

He took another sip. Getting cooler did not make the thick brew any better. Tossing the paper cup onto the floor, he secured the Glock in the back of his pants.

“Oh well, wishful thinking. Forget I mentioned it. Let’s get our asses back to work.”

Copyright Claudia H. Blanton 2014

This post was written as a part of the Daily Prompt blog hop. Today’s challenge was:

What’s the first line of the last song you listened to (on the radio, on your music player, or anywhere else)? Use it as the first sentence of your post.

The song I decided to use was “The Kill” from Thirty Seconds To Mars



Broken – A Dark Flash Fiction


“You are asking me to give up my what?”
“Everything and anything that is associated with the world of the devil. Headphones, I pods, you know, all of the things you have accumulated, and that has led us to the despair so far.”
“You seriously are trying to get me to believe that the reason you and Dad had problems, is because of modern technology. I can’t believe you bought into this shit!”
“Daniella, watch your language!” The woman in a long black skirt drew a deep breath. “No one expects you to move from the world of the devil to the world of salvation without doubts. That is a part of the growth one has to experience. Father Thomas..”

“Father Thomas? That dude wants your money, the money you and Dad made in this world you call ‘of the devil’. How in the hell did you get so brainwashed? I was only gone for three months!”

She smiled at her daughter .”We always have been seeking salvation, and he has given us the answers.”

“Oh, bullshit! I am going back to LA, I only got a week until classes start again.”
“You are not leaving!” There was panic in the older woman’s voice.

“Oh, yeah?Watch me.  I am leaving. I am 19, Mom. Luckily Grandpa’s trust pays for my expenses. He was smart enough to leave me his fortune, now I know why.”

She paused, as the realization of her mother’s reasoning became clear. “He talked you into bringing me here, didn’t he? He thought you could force me to join his flock, give him access to my trust fund. You seriously thought I would do that? That is my future Mom, my way through medical school. Grandpa worked his rear end off to make sure, I could do anything I wanted, while you had your head in the clouds with all that religious nonsense, moving from one guru to the next.”

“Father Thomas is different.”
“Yeah, he is trying to milk you completely dry. I can’t believe Dad does not have the balls to stand up to you!”
“Seriously young lady…”
“Call me when you left this cult, you know where to find me.”

Danielle turned swiftly, rushing toward her hybrid,stumbling over the protruding roots to get away from this madness, but also to not allow her mother to see the tears that she could no longer hold back from streaming down her face.

Copyright Claudia H. Blanton 2014

This post is a “Daily Prompt” post

Celebrate The Small Things – And Not So Small Things

This year is flying by like crazy already! I can hardly believe that I have not posted one “Celebrate The Small Things” – post since last year – that is before I switched over here to WordPress (which was one hell of a wise decision), so of course there is a lot to celebrate! And thank you to Cathrina Constantine who’s post reminded me to better get to it. So here I go! 


1. Writing

Well I am always writing, but I am incredibly grateful for the fact that I am finally unstuck from a pretty crazy plot problem in my novel. While I might have to start all over again (yes the changes are that dramatic, but necessary to ensure continuity within the series), I know everything will flow better, because it just makes more sense for my characters. And I do find that essential. Characters actions and responses have to be organic to who they are as a person. Okay, I did make them up, but they are still people. People react differently because of their back-story, it has to make sense, or it will kill the book.

And I am published again! Three new articles related to children’s health care, another about writing, and in the last I honor the Maiden, Mother and Crone within us all.

2. Organic Delivery

Yup, you heard right, I am going to have myself some organic fruits and vegetables delivered to the house, and will (of course) write about – you should have seen that one coming. Well, our local grocery store is all nice but I prefer to eat locally, and this will be a wonderful opportunity to receive all that without having to leave my desk! I am super-exited! Yay! 

3. Business

Our truck (and with that I mean tractor-trailer, not pickup) is finally fixed and ready to roll again. Man did we have problems with our rigs, first the older one broke down (and subsequently we returned it to the dealer, as they sold us a defective piece of equipment), and now our brand new truck broke down – thank the Gods for warranties. So it is working again, and hubby is picking it up on Monday from the shop. We might be temporarily down to one, but that will change soon again as well.

4. My Faith

Well, guess what, it is also writing related, but, oh well, I would not want to have it any other way. I am conducting Spotlight Interviews for my Tradition, and with that get to talk to quite a few interesting people that are prominent in the Pagan community. It is fun to get to hear the stories about the different and very personal practices of Clergy. Even if you are not Pagan, you would find their insights interesting and relatable. 

So that is my little corner of celebration for this week. What are you celebrating?