Better Late Than Never – Celebrate The Small Things

Celebrate blog hop

I am so behind on blog hops this week! But I think I have a reasonable excuse, considering that I have been writing up a storm. Besides working on reviews (thank you for everyone who has sent me copies of their work, I love you all, and will post the reviews soon), and writing on my own Fantasy series (not sure yet, it if would fit more into Urban Fantasy, or Dark Fantasy, well the books will help me discover how dark I am going to go with this), I have been slammed busy.Oh and we are planning for my daughter’s prom (her boyfriend’s prom, actually – we home school, so no actual prom here), a move, running our business, and yes, I got to edit a freaky little horror script I just finished writing.

I am utterly and happily grateful for all of the above! This might be crazy, but I actually like being busy. I did forget to mention, that I was chosen to lead the #MarWritingChallenge on Twitter! Yay! Basically the concept behind that is, that we encourage others that sign up to write at least 500 words per day, or edit their projects for one hour a day, and log their process for accountability. I am basically the lead-cheerleader on Twitter, but we do also have a Facebook group. I am so grateful to be a part of this! (for more info check out our main site

It has warmed up! Finally the weather resembles some kind of Florida spring – which supposed to mean, I am supposed to be sweating, and hiding by the air-conditioner. That has not happened until yesterday. I loved turning on the AC! Felt like winning. We can not complain here, because our weather was not marginally as bad as for the rest of the East Coast, but I am reveling in the warmth right now.

So, I hope you had a great week too. What did you guys do, and what are you grateful for?

P.S. I am also grateful that people I rooted for, won at the Oscars! Yay to winning!

Express Yourself – And Gratitude

This week I am doing another blog hop mash up: Express Yourself and Celebrate The Small Things, in order to participate in all of the wonderful blog hops that happen to be on at the end of each week!

Express Yourself Meme

Express Yourself asks what our favorite movie of 2014 was? Ah, I love movies – after all I am a Screenwriter, so that is kind of a job requirement – so I could make a list. But the ultimate favorite movie of last year, well that was “Lucy”, a movie with Scarlett Johansen, that flew a little bit under the radar. Here is the trailer:

Which brings me to gratitude. I am grateful for movies, and how many wonderful movie theaters are in our area.

I am grateful for the way they make me feel, and inspire me in return to want to make an audience feel. That to me is ultimate entertainment, to arouse some kind of emotional responds, may it be the one I intend, or one unintended. Either way.

I am grateful for the Authors and Artists I have spoken to this week, some of which I am interviewing for this blog, and for Medium, and some of who’s work I will share here as Guest bloggers – which is a new thing I am about to start on Avalon.

I am grateful that I have ideas, and even if they are sometimes scary to pull off, I am grateful that I am not shrinking back from the opportunities.

I am grateful to be an Artist.

I am grateful that we have a successful business which allows me to explore my art, without having to worry about the bills being paid, or if there is food on the table.

I am grateful for having a wonderful and supportive husband, great employees, and loving kids.

Enough about what I am grateful for, what are you grateful for this week? I hope you all had a wonderful week, and I am looking forward to sharing again with you next week – blessings!


Gratitude Summer Edition

Gratitude - Summer Edition

Where ever you go, go with all your heart – Confucius

Gratitude is one way to be present wherever you are, and while I try to live in Gratitude, I do fall short of that goal to be present within it more often than I would like. So every once in a while I post here, what I am grateful for. Maybe you can join me, and all of the other wonderful people of this blog hop, and feel inspired to live a little more in gratitude.

Celebrate The Small Things - Summer Edition

I am grateful for the many books I have been reading over the last few weeks. Most of them have been absolute gems, and I am so grateful for the time I have been able to spent reading them. And sharing them with you all.

I am grateful that the rains have stopped. We had a very wet summer this far, and while it is wonderful that we on this side of the country do not suffer the drought that California has to deal with, there is a point where it gets too much. Finally, the weather has settled back into its normal rhythm here. I am grateful for that.

I am grateful for ranch dressing. Call me weird, but ranch dressing is that little something that makes me enjoy more raw veggies. And we all should eat a lot of veggies. A little dab of ranch and a pile of vegetables and I am happy camper. I am easy to please.

I am grateful for music. I usually start my day listening to my favorite musicians, more often than not 30 Seconds To Mars. There is something about music that can inspire, get you moving, motivate, and dare the impossible. Great music and a cup of coffee, a perfect way to start the day. Oh, and of course a slice of cake.

Now it is your turn? What are you grateful for?

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A Little Gratitude – A Daily Prompt Post

I am grateful.

Sometimes you just got to say it out loud (or write it down, putting it out there in the world wide web). Gratitude.

I am grateful for the challenges that have been a part of our business, which allowed us to make necessary changes and allowed growth – and with that a huge potential! Yay!

I am grateful for loyal employees. Never forget those who help you become successful – employees are essential in that process!

I am grateful on a more selfish way, for having discovered yet another deep well of books for me through a service (and I will review that service in a few days). Got to have books in my life!

I am grateful that everyone in my family is safe. After watching the plane crash in Malaysia, my heart broke for those whom lost loved ones in this senseless tragedy.

And last, but not least:

I am grateful for Daily Prompt to choose an open prompt today, which will lead to some interesting blog posts.

Let me share with you what other bloggers wrote today:

What are you grateful for?

vik - small things 2 (2)

Celebrate The Small Things – Book Edition

It’s celebrate the small things time of the week!

This week has brought a lot of things to celebrate again! I have come across many great books, such as “The Broken” by Shelley Coriell, and a cute book about the “Art of Plants vs. Zombies” for all of you Gamers out there.  I am currently reading a real treasure called “Beneath The Veil”, for which I will share the review on Monday.

I’ve got my own exiting book news! I am publishing my first Flash Fiction Collection called “How To Train A Cat – And Other Impossibilities” on April 15th! It will be available on Amazon and Smashwords. Here is sneak peak at the cover in progress:


The next project I am also exited about working on is “Curfew”, which is a horror spec script. The idea to this script has been dancing in my head for a while, and now I am ready to put it on paper.

Non-writing news to celebrate: Spring has finally arrived! It is warm, so I am enjoying every moment of sunshine! I just adore this time of year – not a fan of the cold.

What are you celebrating this week?

Spring Time (Or Is It?) A Celebrate The Small Things Blog Post

Time to celebrate! 


Every moment where the temperatures reach at least close to what they are supposed to be this Spring, is a moment to celebrate. The US had a particular harsh winter, and while spring time still seems far away for some, every time the sun breaks through and warms us a little, it is indeed a time to celebrate.



Another thing I am grateful for is another blog posting challenge that is once a month “Blogging For Peace” . I just love that idea, of committing one post a month (that means two for me, as I have two blogs and I plan on dedicating both) to talk about peace. We can all use more of that.

Currently there is the Twitter Fiction Festival in progress, sponsored by (you guessed it) Twitter and major Publishing companies, like Penguin Books USA. I have had the pleasure of participating, and found a few new friends as well. I really enjoyed writing some really short fiction – writing a complete story in 140 characters is a challenge, but fun.

What are you grateful for this week?


Celebrate The Small Things – Valentine’s Day Edition




I love quotes.

Even more so, I love lists – I love making lists, not necessarily following them, but I consider them a spring board to bigger and better things. Another way of looking at lists is to use them to let go – both of the positive and the negative, as the process of writing them allows us to move forward, and release any ties to before, that might lay heavy upon us.

Gratitude lists are specially fun, which is why I love this little blog hop roll exercise called “Celebrate The Small Things”. If you are not participating, I highly recommend that you do so, you do not have to share everything, one or two things will do.

Well here is my gratitude list for this week:

  • I am grateful for my husband – today (Valentine’s Day) is his birthday. He is sadly not home with us right now, and rather on a business trip, but he surely is loved and appreciated from all of us.
  • Email – it is soo much easier to get in contact with people half way around the world – or right around the corner – since email. While I just had to go through a binge cleaning of one of my emails, and sometimes the inbox can get messy, I do appreciate it’s function completely.
  • Big tables and big couches – out of some reason the cat seems to have found a liking as the center piece of my dinning room table, while the dogs prefer to stretch out on the couch. If both items would not be large, we would be able to use neither one. So here is my gratitude to big tables and big couches.
  • Blogging about books – I decided, that considering the fact I read a lot, I mind as well share my thoughts about the books I come across on a more regular fashion. So from now on my goal is to review at least one, maybe two books a week here.

So this is my little list – why don’t you share yours?

Have a great weekend!