10 Minute Mugs

The following post is a guest post by Elizabeth, the Author, and Creator of the 10-Minute Mugs course.

Raise your hand if you like coffee? How about tea? Hot chocolate? Me, I’m a hot chocolate girl. In contrast, my husband can down a pot of coffee and 9:00 at night and go to bed shortly after. If you took a poll of your city, your state, or even your country, odds are good that a vast majority of the people would report that they drink some kind of beverage from a mug.

Not only am I a hot chocolate fan, I’m also obsessed with crafts. These two interests led me to one of my favorite kinds of projects: mug-making. It started with dotted Sharpie mugs. I made a mug for my sister-in-law and she loved it.

10 Minute Mugs


It turns out other people like mug crafts, too. Unfortunately, there didn’t seem to be a consensus for how to make Sharpie mugs and thus was born The Ultimate Guide to Sharpie Mugs, a guide for others who wanted to create these mugs but didn’t know how.



And then came Marbled Nail Polish Mugs and How to Transfer a Design to Mugs. It was mug madness!


2015-10-28 11.14.18

Design Taped On Mugs

Out of this mug madness was born 10-Minute Mugs, an eBook devoted to quick and easy mugs that you can make yourself. I know, you’ve got to be thinking, “Can there even be any more ways to make mugs?”. Why yes, yes there can be. 10-Minute Mugs includes tutorials, tips, tricks, and designs to help you create beautiful mugs in a flash. While some of the mugs have been featured on my blog, there are three mugs that are exclusive to the eBook (and honestly, out of all the mugs I have made, I think these  are my favorites.)

10-Minute Mugs

Glitter Mugs

Gold Spray Painted Mugs

Metallic Spray Painted Mugs



And if you’re not a designer or don’t have perfect penmanship? Never fear! 10-Minute Mugs has 18 downloadable patterns for your next DIY mug.

Mugs Collage 4


If you want to become a mug-making master, make sure to check out 10-Minute Mugs.

About The Author:

Elizabeth is the author of Destination Decoration, a crafting blog devoted to providing tutorials that make crafting accessible to all. Destination Decoration is a home to all things crafty, from woodworking to watercolor, from canvas art to Dollar Store crafts. Elizabeth is also a self-taught calligrapher and an eager and willing learner of all things hand-lettering.

Apart from crafting, Elizabeth enjoys spending time with her husband and cats (though admittedly, she’s more of a dog person). She is an avid reader and to be honest, drinks more soda than she probably (definitely) should.

Anger And Gratitude

the anger behind
that sweet smile you always show
is reserved for me

Domestic abuse – a reality many women – and men – experience in their relationship. The fear of those who supposed to be caring for us, making our homes a nightmare, instead of a safe haven is real, and never the fault of the abused.

Why am I choosing to write about domestic violence in a blog post that usually features “Celebrate The Small Things” and “Thankful Thursday”? Because I am thankful to be one of those women who do not have to live in fear, but I am also aware that this puts me in the situation to choose to ignore the plight of others, or do something about it.

While donating to organisations that assist domestic violence victims might not seem a lot, it is something many of us who live a comfortable and safe life can do. Just because we do not experience this type of environment, does not mean we can let ourselves be numb to those who suffer.

Anger And Gratitude

But, I am going to add this for my most eager readers, you should NEVER get directly involved. Domestic violence perpetrators are violent and dangerous, making anyone in their way a target just as much as the actual target they desire. If you suspect anyone you know being abused, or know that they are in need of help, look for local resources they can contact, or call them yourself, and ask them what actions they suggest for the abused to take. Those professionals are trained to assist victims and keep them safe, something that you and I are not.

If you are looking for organisations that help battered spouses, check out the following links:

Women helping battered women
 National Coalition Against Domestic Violence
 Leaving Abuse

This blog post is a part of the following blog hops:

Thankful Thursdays

Celebrate The Small Things

Thankful Thursday (Pepi Smart Dog)

Reasons to be Cheerful



The above art piece “Anger” is available on RedBubble, and I am donating 20 % of profits of this digital art piece to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Thank you for your support.


Celebrate The Small Things – Writing Edition

This week’s gratitude list includes a lot of things about writing.
First of all, I am grateful that I was able to plan out some blog posts for the next few weeks on topics I am interested in sharing with you. Because I am writing now for three sites (my design blog, my motivation/inspirational blog, and this one), the topics range from staying motivated even when time to follow your dreams are limited, to  some exciting features and interviews with artists and creatives which are writers, print on demand artists or  otherwise interesting people who are putting their creativity out there.
I am grateful that I had a chance to connect with them all and am happy to be of service to them while sharing their talent with the rest of the world.
I am grateful that we are living in the US, where it is okay to express ourselves through our creativity with an amount of freedom that is not granted in many parts of the world. Many bloggers, writers, journalists, and artists are jailed, disappear or were killed for their art. We can express ourselves safely and openly. For that, I am grateful.
I am grateful for the creative writers that work on the television shows that are coming our way this season. We are entertained by their wit, and sometimes depth, as they make us forget for a short while our own lives and emerge ourselves into the lives of their creation. Making television shows “take a village”, and I am awed by their talent.
Oh, and I am grateful that this morning the internet is back on. Had a little problem with the connection but the cable company came out and fixed it. Very grateful for those helpful people!
What are you grateful for this week? I am looking forward to connecting with you – and if you have not joined in with this wonderful group of bloggers, you really should – just simply add yourself to the blog hop list on our hosts – Lexa Cain’s – blog, and we will make sure we will stop by!
Have a great week!

Bring Your Style Home

40 Hashtags Every Writer Artist and Creative Should Know And Use

40 Hashtags Every Writer, Creative and Artist Should Know And Use

The power of the hashtag is undeniable and constant. May it be to make it easier to find your projects on places like Medium and Wanelo, or the most commonly used hashtags on Twitter, which can make or break your visibility. But which hashtags are the most effective to use for a creative person to get noticed? I have compiled a list of popular, often used hashtags you should use and check out often:

For Writers:











For Visual Artists, Graphic Designers, and Print On Demand Folks







For Photography 








For Bloggers









#lbloggers (lifestyle bloggers)

#Bbloggers (beauty bloggers)

#FBloggers (fashion bloggers)

Day Specific Hashtags:



#WWWblogs (Women Writer’s Wednesday)

#ArchiveDay (Saturday – for sharing your older posts)



I highly recommend that you print out this list, and utilize these hashtags in your postings, but also get actively involved in the communication around these hashtags.

Stay tuned for more tips and tricks on Marketing for Creatives.

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Best Blog For Zazzle Designers – A Sunday Blog Share

Sharing A Great Blog

Apparently I am late to the party, but this morning I saw a hashtag trending that intrigued me: #SundayBlogShare. I find the concept of either sharing one’s own blog or sharing a blog, others might not have read before, a pretty cool idea. A few minutes later, I ran across a blog that is a huge resource for any designer, and artist thinking about using Zazzle as a way to market their art.

Called “All About Zazzle” is a highly interesting and informational blog about all of the details of creating your best Zazzle experience, from how to set up your store, to how to use the different features. This blog is sadly no longer updated but has a wealth of information that no Zazzle designer should forgo. Check it out!

Which blog would you recommend as a must read? Why do you find it valuable? Let us know! Oh, and if you have a blog about designing on Zazzle, RedBubble or any other aspect of living as an Artist of any kind, share your blogs link in the comment section. I am planning on featuring a few blogs that are assets to creative people of all kinds.

Shop & Create on Zazzle

Pink Liebster Award


What a wonderful and sweet surprise from Steve Green who nominated me for The Pink Liebster Award. I am very grateful indeed, especially coming from someone who’s flash fiction I enjoy reading very much. He is a very talented man, so I am humbled by his choice.

The Liebster Award, like many has some rules attached, so let me share those with you first before I continue.

1) Link back to the person who nominated you.
2) Answer the 10 questions they gave you.
3) Pick some favourite bloggers of your own to nominate.
4) Pose 10 questions of your own for them to answer.
5) Make sure that the people you nominated know about it.
And have fun.

Well Steve’s question for me and my co-nominee Casey Douglass is to post 10 random or unusual facts about ourselves. That should be easy, considering that I am a bit unusual/weird.

1. My pets are color coordinated – now that was not by choice but just happened to be like that. First we adopted a light brown and white Beagle/Corgi mix, and she is just the sweetest dog, but she really needed a friend. We went back to the shelter a month later, and brought home Athena, a beautiful light brown and white Ridgless Rhodesian Ridgeback. We thought we were done with animals until our move to California, but we were wrong. One night a cat – and yup the same colors as my dogs – decided to go for a walk with us. He decided he liked the dogs and we were now his family. He has been a sweet (and now indoor) addition to our humble home.

2. I am a practicing Witch. That is not exactly a secret, as I am very open with my practice and belief system. Still there are not that many of us whom are as open about our practice then I am, so I might be the only Witch you know. Just to clarify – I am not Wiccan – there is a difference.

3. We are a homeschooling family. I have homeschooled my children for 12 years now. Both kids are college bound and very driven. Best decision I have ever made. The only school (k through 12) I would send my kids to would be Hogwarts.

4. I like nutella way to much. Okay sue me, I can not stand peanut butter anything, but for Nutella, well lets say I am glad that they sell it here everywhere. Nutella is my vice.

5. Vice number 2: Coffee – that is not much of a surprise considering that drinking coffee is a major part of just about any celebratory gathering in Germany (no, it is not beer, sorry). Kaffeeklatsch – picture the British tea time, just with coffee, was a large part of my connection with family and friends. Oh, and I can read coffee cream for divination. Or your coffee grounds. And tea leaves.

6. I love The Avengers – and all of the other movies that are a part of that world surrounding them. Yup, I am a Geek/Nerd – I guess that makes me a geeky Nerd Witch?

7. I follow the teachings of Abraham Hicks. Think channeled version of Law of Attraction-way of teaching. Combine that with Witchcraft and bam -well it works for me, lol.

8. I am almost always cold. There are a few reasons for that, at least I was told those reasons. I am constantly slightly anemic – I have been since I was a teenager, and my poor daughter inherited that from me (sorry hon), and I was told that the veil is thin around me. In any case, I could not imagine living in Germany again, just alone for that reason. I would simply never leave the house.

9. I am a Grobanite. No it’s not a disease, it simply means I am a Josh Groban fan. That dude has a voice to die for. Incredible. And he is funny too.

10. If you would have told me a year ago, I would be writing Flash Fiction for fun, I would have laughed at you. While I had never tried writing any before that, I thought I would not possibly enjoy it. Guess what, I do enjoy it. And I also enjoy writing Haiku – never thought that was possible either.

All right, now you know my secrets. There are open secrets. Now off to nominating a few more bloggers. Ah, whom should I choose?

Because there are so many wonderful bloggers out there, I chose two blogs.

Both bloggers do not post their name – unless I missed it somewhere, then I ask for forgiveness.

Drumroll please!

hocuspocus13” and “Perspective on life, universe and everything

Yay! You guys are awesome, and I wanted to make sure you know. 

So for the two of you, I will send you some questions to answer, then it is your turn to choose. I am looking forward to discovering your choices for the award.

Have a wonderful weekend!