Stop That Re-Pin! 4 Things You Should Consider Before Hitting That Pin Button

4 Things You Should Consider Before Hitting That Re-pin Button

Whether you are a Print On Demand Artist, a writer or have your own business, the power of owning a Pinterest Business Account is great and should be utilized to its fullest potential by everyone. But because it is easy to fall into the trap of spamming your followers, you have to have a certain level of other pins on your boards that are not advertising your products or services. One of many ways to so is to repin what other people have posted.

Cute dresses from LuLu*s!!!

However, repinning a great infographic without too much thought can be counter-productive. Here are four points you should consider when repinning content to your Pinterest business account (or any Pinterest account):

1. Read the comments to the pin thoroughly. Just because the information is great, does not mean that the pinner’s thoughts on the subject matter fit your needs, the needs of your audience, or are views you want to convey. Better yet, change the description of the pin completely, and include your own information on it.

2. Check the link. A great graphic or image does not make a great re-pin. Make sure the pin does not lead to some questionable content or is a dead link.

3. Get rid off hashtags. While hashtags are wonderful for facebook, twitter, Instagram and a host of other places, Pinterest is not one of them. Get rid of all the cluttering hashtags before re-pinning the pin.

4. Keep your followers in mind. Consider if the majority of your followers of this board would benefit from the content you are about to re-pin. If it is only of  interest to you or is only re-pinned to not look spammy, don’t bother. Every pin you share should have a purpose and bring value to your followers. No exceptions.

Happy re-pinning!


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The Wrong And The Right Way To Advertise Your Book On Twitter

Posting Twitter

I get it, you want us to read your book. I want people to read my stuff too. That is the reason we write, in order for someone to find our work and enjoy it, and hopefully share it with the world. Twitter is a great place to share your creations, and get people’s attention.

But there is a right way and a wrong way to advertise your book on Twitter.

Constant badgering your followers or those who follow a particular hashtag with requests and “read me!” advertising is a turn-off. I will, and I know quite a few people who will do so as well, ignore all of these requests. You heard me right ALL of them, and I am constantly on the lookout for books to review.

Do you want to change that? Then try this:

Instead, give your followers and fellow hashtag readers/writers something of value. Share tips, connect, have some meaningful conversation, and encourage – then, but only then, and only a few times in between, ask us to read your book.
Now, that I know you, now that I am interested in what you have to say, are the chances that I will buy your book or at least follow the link to check out the blurb you are offering a much larger one.
Simple, isn’t it?

Inspiration – Guest With Katy Tackes


Creativity thrives on inspiration, it is what propels us as Artists to reach deep and uncover the truths and gems within our chosen art.

I love asking fellow artist, what inspires them to create. This week, I had the chance to ask this question to Katy Tackes, Author of “Each Time She Wakes“, and “A Personal Creative Journal“. Here is her answer:

What inspires me the most?
Nature. Her beauty, will, desire to evolve, and create, and most of all, the way Nature connects us all with her thread of Love that flows through each of us.

Katy also told me, that she writes her stories to inject optimism into this world, and to remind us, that we are all connected.

With that positive, inspiring message in mind, check out Katy’s work here.

What inspires your creativity?

Wishing you a blissful day,


Book Review – The Broken by Shelley Coriell


Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book by the publisher. This post contains affiliate links, see Disclosure page for details


Title: The Broken

Author: Shelley Coriell

Genre: Romance, Suspense

Publisher: Forever (Grand Central Publishing)

Release Date: April 29th 2014

Rating: 5/5 stars

As a fan of romantic suspense the likes of Kay Hooper, I was looking forward to reading this  book “The Broken” by award winning Author Shelley Coriell. After researching her background, I discovered that this is her first novel outside of the young adult world and only her third novel. What I found left me pleasantly surprised.

“The Broken” has an emotional rawness that does not hide behind pretty words when some horrors or disturbed actions call for blunt harshness. I really appreciated that, because it allowed a deeper connection to the feeling of the character, rather than trying to find a round-about way of describing loss and despair. While that bluntness made me at times flinch, it was perfectly placed and appropriate.
Vivid, lively and multi-layered characters, combined with a fast-paced story that pulls the reader into its web, without letting go, “The Broken” is an intense read. The connection between the two main characters does not come across as forced, but rather than logical, danger seems to bond – this aspect making this book particularly a great one for me, as the physical relationship in many romance genre novels are without any real depth or reason. You can believe and root for this relationship, and ache with them. There are no moments that drag, the action feels neither rushed nor slow. A suspense romance, just the way I prefer it.

This is the first book in a series called “The Apostles”, second book to be released in October and the third in the series in January 2015. You can find out more about the upcoming books, which I will absolutely purchase, at her website, here.

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