How Should We Combat Hatred? – Offering A Prayer Of Peace

How Should We Combat Hatred- - Offering A Prayer Of Peace

This is not a post I usually write – frankly, this is not a post I want to write, because I do not want to talk
about hatred, negativity and politics in this blog.
But after I just heard the news that the Mother of my daughter’s boyfriend was attacked by someone using racial slurs,
and Donald Trump rhetoric, I had to speak out.
You see, we are a family of mixed decent. I am German, my husband is a mix of Irish, Native American, and Jewish decent, and my daughter is dating a wonderful,young hard-working Mexican-American man. His mother, equally hard working, and an upstanding citizen of this country was attacked by a white guy, this afternoon, telling her that all Mexicans should leave and that he is going to end them all. He continued to spew words about Donald Trump, repeated those hateful viewpoints, that have been brought into our homes via television over the last few months.
Thankfully she is okay, but it could have ended so much different. No one should have to experience this kind of behavior,
may it be because of their skin color, country of origin, gender or religion. It makes me angry – and I really do not try
to get angry – but it also makes me sad, that we now live in a space where people believe that it is okay to act this way.
This behavior of racism must stop now, may it be against African-Americans, Latin-Americans, or Native Americans, or anyone else.

I am asking you to offer a prayer for peace, no matter which religion you practice.

As a Pagan, I offer the following prayer:

“O Gracious Mother and Merciful Father,
We pray that you help the leaders and people of this world to have compassion in their hearts,
That you give them the wisdom to end the suffering caused by wars and hatred,
And the understanding that only through peace will we truly be happy;
We humbly ask you to guard and protect all of our brothers and sisters, no matter what skin color, origin, religion or gender.
And give comfort to the loved ones, who have lost family members due to these types of injustice.
May you lead us from death to live,
From falsehood to truth,
Lead us from despair to hope,
From fear to trust,
Lead us from hate to love,
From war to peace,
Let peace fill our hearts, our world, our Universe;
Let our words be spoken in truth,
And our hearts show only love.”

So Mote It Be

Loosely based on a prayer found in “The Wicca Life”

Maybe you can find peace in your heart, and share a moment in prayer with me.

Thank you

I am grateful that she is okay.
I am grateful that none of her children were with her
I am grateful that despite this, she and her family are not answering with hatred
I am grateful that I know that there are good people in this world, standing up for what is right.
I am grateful for you.


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6 thoughts on “How Should We Combat Hatred? – Offering A Prayer Of Peace

  1. I love your post. So sorry your daughter’s BF’s mother had to experience that. Intolerance and hate-speak need to be curtailed. Trump & his like are the ones who should leave the country – we should put them on a little island where they can make each others lives miserable.

  2. Let me join you in prayer and contemplation for tolerance, acceptance, and the concept of “live and let live”. Hate begets hate, violence brings more violence, vicious cycles. At the same time, not speaking is like silently accepting that which should not exist at all. Your response is neither and I love it.

  3. Oh, Claudia! I am so sorry to hear about this precious lady, no one deserves this kind of abuse. We live in a world that is so full of hate nowadays. Sadly, that hatred is being shown by people who want to run our country. Donald Trump scares me, in fact all the candidates scare me, but he is nothing but a hate filled man that people need to see who he really is. I will be praying. Thank you for sharing with Thankful Thursdays.

    • thank you for your support! I was so shocked on that day, still can not believe that this happened, and that we as a nation have gone so low. He scares me too- worse then all of the others combined. I hope this nightmare will be over soon – blessings, and thank you for stopping by

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