40 Things That Make Me Happy – And Why You Should Make a Happiness List, Too

40 Things That Make Me Happy

There are times in our lives when trying to remember those little things we usually enjoy, becomes a difficult feat. May it be, because we experienced loss, are suffering from depression, going through marital problems or have financial trouble, a list of things that make us happy, can remind us of what we have, and help us for a moment to create a more hopeful state of mind to work from.

Here are 40 Things That Make Me Happy  – No Matter What

  1. Hugs from my kids
  2. The excitement of my dogs, when I get home
  3. Coffee
  4. Thumbprint cookies
  5. Great, fresh bread
  6. the scent of rain
  7. Ducks upon a pond
  8. the sound of a horse breathing
  9. Drama television shows
  10. a good romance novel
  11. getting a text message from a friend
  12. online banking
  13. blog groups and link ups
  14. taking pictures
  15. designing/creating/working on a piece of my art
  16. warm socks
  17. flannel sheets
  18. hibiscus tea
  19. the sound of birds in the trees
  20. spring time
  21. black and white photography
  22. inspirational quotes
  23. flowers
  24. the theater
  25. a fresh, new notebook to fill with ideas
  26. typing “The End” after a long short story, or a book
  27. Jared Leto (yes, I am weird, lol)
  28. being “cleaned” by my cat
  29. A comfortable sofa
  30. Nutella
  31. a smooth-writing pen
  32. Irish Dance
  33. traveling
  34. German chocolate
  35. strawberry cheesecake
  36. Happy Endings in stories
  37. thick, white snow
  38. trees
  39. squirrels eating peanuts
  40. my dog barking in her sleep

What do you have on your list? Why not create your own post and share it with us in the comment section below!


Check out the following journals for your gratitude and happiness lists:

Flower Power, Ivy by Sophie Gamand
Flower Power, Ivy by Sophie Gamand

from: Redbubble

Nine by fioski
Nine by fioski

from: Redbubble

Caterpiano by Jorge Lopez
Caterpiano by Jorge Lopez

from: Redbubble

9 thoughts on “40 Things That Make Me Happy – And Why You Should Make a Happiness List, Too

  1. That’s a brilliant list Claudia. Made me smile (even though I have no idea who Jared Leto is). I could write a post, on my blog that is so very forgotten and needs lots love. Post or edit my novel? Hmm, hard choice. I’ll go for editing instead.

    Having said that, what makes me happy is noticing the small things that make me happy each day and be grateful for them. This is like a self-feeding thing, a BOLO for happiness if you like. 😀

    • Glad you liked my list. Jared Leto is an Oscar Winning Actor, as well as a musician, and plays The Joker in an upcoming DC comic book movie. Check him out in Dallas Buyers Club, when you get a chance.
      Editing is a good idea – working on that right now as well, partially because of the upcoming A to Z Challenge, and the three books coming out this year – do you have an idea for your publishing date for your novel yet? Looking forward to reading it.
      BOLO for Happiness – I like that.

      • Publishing date eh? Sounds awesome. Well, I have no publishing date, yet. I’ve submitted an entry to the pitch madness competition that is happening now and trying desperately to get it to some good editing shape in case it makes it through the first and second rounds and someone asks for a “finished and polished novel”. Ahem. If I was to make some kind of schedule despite competitions, I’d say, finish this round of edits, get some feedback from beta readers, do another round of edits and query. Of course, I am widely known for making schedules and not sticking to them so I am keeping my options open. I want beta readers to read it though and give me feedback. You know how easy it is to get lost in our own work and lose the sight of the big picture.

  2. I love your list, Claudia. Many of these make me happy also, but I giggled at online banking because I remember calling the bank and listening to all check numbers that cleared. My son will more than likely never get to enjoy that one thing. Thank you for sharing your list with Thankful Thursdays.

  3. I used to assign my high school students to write down one thing that made them happy each day for a month. They all complained, but loved looking back at the list when we were done. So many people never stop to think of the good but focus on the negative instead.

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