Words – Typography On My Mind


I decided to try something new this week, venture outside of my artistic comfort zone and embrace the creation of some typographic posters. I do this every once in a while, move my focus upon a subject matter or a creative technique I have never tried before, and dive in. Sometimes, I find myself completely lost and drop it like a hot potato, but other times, like this week, I find a new creative outlet I actually enjoy. I enjoyed it enough to open a printable only Etsy store “No Plain Paper”.

These designs, like all of my other art work, are still available in my RedBubble and Zazzle stores, so you can purchase them on the many applications available there, like mugs, or as gratitude journals.

What do you do to push yourself outside of your comfort zone?

This week is the first time I am participating in the To-Know-Me Tuesday, where we are asked to post 10 things about ourselves.

So here they are:

  1. I was born in Germany
  2. My Dad was an organic gardener, in charge of our local gardening club, teaching green gardening techniques. I learned a lot from him on that subject.
  3. I speed read – not as fast as I would like, yet – but I can get through a full-size novel in about 2 hours.
  4. I am a fan of Chase Charvis, Gary Vaynerchuk and Tim Ferris
  5. I can not dance – at all. Neither can my husband, so that works well.
  6. I wrote, directed and performed in my first play when I was 10
  7. I want to write the script to a featured film
  8. I am a published Author. One of my books is available on Amazon
  9. I can lip-read in two languages  – German and English
  10. I wish there were 36 hours in the day – then I would probably find a way to fill them all, and wish there were 48 hours, lol.

Your turn!

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7 thoughts on “Words – Typography On My Mind

  1. Comfort zones, my favourite subject.

    First, I love what you did with those posters Claudia, very unique and creative (and typography is a secret passion of mine – one could even argue that the road to my heart is spread with beautifully designed fonts). Did you also design those fonts, or did you use ready made ones? Regardless, the posters are beautiful and all three have subjects close to my heart: fear, coffee, and nutella. 😀

    I breach my comfort zones by doing what makes me uncomfortable or scares me. If I catch my mind making excuses why something is or isn’t I know it’s time for another breach. I suspect that as a survivor, my head is probably a lot more messed than the average human being and I know it carries a conglomeration of usually conflicted and completely irrational fears. Sometimes it’s harder than other times. On going battle. Getting there one comfort zone at a time. 😀

    • for typography, I am using canva and picmonkey, simply because I wanted to get a feel for the subject matter, before I dive into something complicated.What programs do you use? My kids were laughing about me making prints about coffee and Nutella. They think I am crazy, lol.
      As a fellow survivor, I hear you. It is a constant struggle to not crawl back into the self-imposed prison of a tightly enclosed comfort zone. I fought for every expansion of myself, and it is so worth it – even if it is hard. Blessings.

      • I don’t know either of canva or picmonkey to be honest and for the occasional cover or pic/poster I use photoshop which, despite the steep learning curve, I adore. I am an admirer of beautiful fonts, rather than a creator. Perhaps some day I may have time to learn how to make all those amazing fonts but I have a target of a billion stories to write. So until then I will focus my energies on writing those stories and surviving, lol.

        Nutella and coffee are amazing. Eating nutella while looking at a beautifully designed poster about nutella is double the pleasure.

        I forgot to say: ohhhhhh speed reading. Like, please, please, please, how do you learn to speed read? It’s not the same as skim reading is it? I mean you still get to enjoy the language and the words and the way the book is written together with the story as if you were reading slowly, don’t you? Ugh, so many questions. Can’t wait for your relevant future post. 😀

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