November Challenges – An Opportunity For Creatives

November Challenges - An Opportunity For Creatives
With three major challenges reaching across the blogging and writing world, November is a busy month for creative output. While trying to participate in all of them would be probably a thing of impossibility – or at least a Herculean feat – participating in one of those three is a great opportunity for writers, bloggers and artists alike.

The most popular one NaNoWriMo has its obvious benefits – finally finishing writing that novel, all the way through to the end. The groups and blogs out there, assisting those attempting to make it through are plenty. For anyone one of you, who is a part of this challenge, I am rooting for you.

A screenwriting challenge is called Zero Draft Thirty, helping screenwriters do the same – finish a script within 30 days.

The last one  – NaBloPoMo, the month-long challenge  for blogging – holds within it the opportunities for those of us who are creatives of a different kind – visual artists, photographers, crafters, cooks and print-on-demand artists. NaBloPoMo is a wonderful change to showcase your individual talents, and draw attention to them.

But even if you do not have the time to commit to such a month-long event, you can use those of us who are as an inspiration to try a little bit harder, to put yourself out there just a little more, and to join smaller groups and challenges, and maybe a few extra blog hops. Be a part of the excitement by cheering your friends on, or bringing attention to those who are creating and putting their work out there. And maybe, just maybe, next year you will join us in those major challenges, and you will be able to say to yourself, and other fellow artists out there – I did it!


Have you created something fun, exciting, beautiful or interesting this week? I have been working on a few designs last night, one of them, I want to share with you today. It is called “Playtime By The Tree”, and is a mixed media piece, available as a canvas print on RedBubble.


Have a wonderful week!


P.S. If you need more motivation, why not jump over to Create With Joy and read all of the wonderful blog posts that are a part of the “Inspire Me Monday” blog hop!

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