Coffee, Pie And Books – A Weekend Coffee Share Post


Hey, nice to see you again, glad you could stop by! I got a hot pot of coffee waiting for us both, and a fresh apple pie, that I made after I bought way too many apples this week. Of course, it is vegan, but you would not be able to tell if I would not point it out. Trust me, I tried it out on a few people. No one could tell the difference.

I would ask you how your Halloween was. Mine was fine and quiet. While the kids did their own thing with their friends, I snuggled up with kindle and read. And of course, I could not stop, and had to force myself to go to bed a little past midnight. It was one of those books that I found on KindleUnlimited and hoped I would enjoy, but at the end not only did I enjoy it, I could not stop reading it. If you love romance novels – the hot and steamy kind, check out “Pretend You’re Mine – A Small Town Love Story” by Lucy Score

Today, I am thankfully only working on my business, and not on the business of a friend, my husband and I are helping to build. So the plan for today is to write on a few blog posts, connect with people and put out a few designs. I have created a few more floral designs this week – as you can see – but I want to play with a few different themes this evening. My problem is sometimes that I have to choose between commercially profitable designs and more experimental and freely expressive designs. When time permits I do both. Lately, time has not been permitting me to just go for it. Hopefully with a little adjustment in my schedule, I will be able to give myself a little space in creating freely this week.

I would tell you that I am considering in committing myself to posting every day of the month of November. NaBloPoMo  is upon us, and I feel guilty enough for not participating in NaNoWriMo this month, that I might end up at least doing that challenge. I already had to tell my son, who is a budding writer and often times my soundboard, that I am not working on my books right now, because of all of the other things that need to be done. He understands because he knew our temporary stay here in Las Vegas was for work reasons, and would keep my husband and myself very occupied, yet he loves it when he can help me figure out story lines and makes sure I don’t go too crazy with some of my fantasy elements. I miss that back and forth as well, but hey, one has to make a living – especially if I have three people to get through college in the next few years and our dream home we are going for by 2019 is way up there in price. If we want to pull this off, I have to prioritize. That includes what I can write when.

Speaking of books, I would tell you that I am currently debating on putting “Mixing Spices”, out in print form as well. That will not happen until next year because I need to add more visual elements in order for me to be happy with it, but it is something I am considering. I like eBooks, but I prefer holding a book in my hand, over reading it on a device.

So what are you up to this week? I am looking forward to hearing all about what you did how your Halloween went, and what your plans are for the future. And I do encourage you to share your plans and thoughts with the group. Simply follow this link and add your post. I will try my best to stop by as many blogs as I can throughout this day. Blessings!


13 thoughts on “Coffee, Pie And Books – A Weekend Coffee Share Post

      • I hope you find a way to squish it somewhere Claudia; when you wrote about it you sounded so passionate about your dream. But I guess it can wait too, time is irrelevant after all, especially if you’re feeling good about what you are doing and oh you do sound busy, don’t you? 😀

        I finished the second draft just before November and in a moment of craziness I decided to participate in NaNoWriMo, in order to get the necessary distance before starting the third draft. So I am writing the first draft of a second novel, which I must say that I am so hyped about I created a cover and even wrote a synopsis, something I haven’t yet done for the other novel. Oh well. Getting there. 😀

      • It is just a temporary delay – we are here for about six more months, after that I should have more time. I am glad you have decided to participate – good for you! I will cheer you own, and just know that you will win at the end. Blessings!

      • Ah yes I remember you said that you have another house move looming. Goodness you are brave to move house twice like that. Not sure I’d be able to do that, usually every house move puts me into a “never again” state. Until the next time of course.

        As for NaNo I’ve been taking some interesting measurements during the month of October, where I found that I wrote a total of 80K words, a lot in my fiction work the rest as non-fiction. I considered removing the non-fiction for my October metrics but writing is writing regardless of whether it’s fiction or not. So I reckon if I can write 80K words in month, making 50K focused on a specific novel is something that is doable. We’ll see. Gathering statistics for October opened my eyes in terms of nurturing self-limiting (and fallacious) beliefs. Also thanks Claudia your support helps and means a lot to me.

      • aww, sweetie – thank you. I appreciate your constant presence and always look forward hearing from you. Yes, you did very well last me month, for which you should truly be proud of. You will do this.
        As for the move? I married a man whom I met when he was in the military. We have lived in Kansas, New York, North Carolina, Florida, Germany and Las Vegas together and made it through wars, owning restaurants (in Germany), being homeless and stranded (in North Carolina), homeschooling our children and owning our own businesses. A simple move to California, to our forever base, will be a welcome happening, and nothing new. It just a matter of always taking another step forward no matter what or who gets in your way. Blessings!

  1. Thanks so much for the pie, Claudia and the coffee. I have quite a sweet tooth.I hope you are having a great week. I live in Greater Sydney, Australia and we’re supposedly almost into Summer but it wet and foggy today and we can sometimes have 4 seasons in one day. Take care xx Rowena

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