Weekly Gratitude Post – Burned Truck Edition

What do I mean “Burned Truck Edition”?

Well, my husband was transporting a load of hay this week, and it caught the truck on fire – the entire truck – and I am not talking about a pickup truck, but a Semi. There is nothing left of that darn thing, the entire cab of the truck including all of it that was in it burned to the ground within minutes.

What I am grateful for is, that my husband did not get hurt, minus a few scratches and a small burn on his arm. His stuff is gone, paperwork, credit cards, navigator, and all of the other stuff that make life a little easier when traveling, those are burned to ashes.  Those can be replaced. They do not matter. He does. For the rest, there is insurance.

So, I am celebrating him being in one piece and  home for a few days until he gets into the new truck next week.

I hope whatever you are grateful for this week is a lot less stressful and has a lot less danger involved.

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6 thoughts on “Weekly Gratitude Post – Burned Truck Edition

  1. Claudia I’m so sorry about what happened to your husband, so relieved he is okay. You are absolutely correct, things are things. They don’t matter, they can be replaced. Hope everything goes smoothly and things get better. Many hugs, love, and supporting thoughts.

    • Thank you so much, hon. Everything is smoothing out now, and somehow it all worked for the better. I love how the Universe seems to always find a way. Thank you for your support. It means a lot to me. Blessings!

  2. Holy cow – that’s awful! I’m so sorry for your husband. Thank goodness he wasn’t hurt. And thank goodness for the insurance too. I sure hope this week goes better for you both than last week.

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