My Love/Hate Relationship With Fall Premiere Week(s)


My Love/Hate Relationship With Fall Premiere Week
I love entertainment – may it be in a book or via the small and large screen, it is where my soul and heart lies. Creating my own stories, small and large, has given me a deep appreciation of the art of bringing stories to life. So every year, I am looking forward to discovering what is new to arrive – what new characters I can connect with, and what new stories make my heart pound just a little faster. I am looking forward to getting lost in them, their pace, different from our lives, and merge with the fabric of the story in front of me (if it is good one, that is).

There are just too darn many good stories on television this year.

Fall Premiere Week

Trying not to get sucked into this world I adore, too much, is the plight of someone who works from home, on her own schedule. I do not have anyone looking over my shoulder, deadlines are those of my own making, may it be for my writing, or for my designs. Yet the pull is strong, and I usually allow myself a little leeway during these few days of discovering pilots, but whatever happened to just one pilot week? I am counting three weeks now!

Time to eliminate some of the contenders, but which ones?

What are your favorite new shows?

Minority Report already made space for the interesting and faced paced Blindspot. Apparently other people thought the same, considering that the second week viewing dropped by 17 %.

Limitless might not be limitless in its ability to keep my attention. If it would not have been for the little twist at the end of this week’s episode – no I will not tell you, watch it yourself – , I would tell you, that I am not watching it next week. Now I have to. For now.

Quantico has potential, but will it live up to what it can be? At least it does not compete with the middle week frenzy, like some of the other shows that are premiering this week – I am looking at you, Code Black!

So what are your favorite shows of this season so far? Have you decide to abstain from television (I commend you) completely or are you just watching your favorites from last year(s), like Criminal Minds or Castle?

Have a wonderful day!


2 thoughts on “My Love/Hate Relationship With Fall Premiere Week(s)

  1. “Limitless might not be limitless in its ability to keep my attention.” Love that… 😀

    I don’t own a TV. Because I like too many of the damn shows. And I end up spending too much time watching. To be honest it’s been two years since I stopped owning a TV and I don’t miss it. Occasionally yes, I miss Doctor Who and wish I could watch but I’d rather write my own stories instead. Plus I work a day job too. Work, blog, write novel, read, sleep. Too many things to do not enough time. Currently blogging and reading are suffering. Sleeping is on the verge of suffering too. But I just can’t ignore the need to write any more. Getting where I want to be, one word at a time. 😀

    • good for you – that takes discipline, but you can always catch up on Doctor Who via Hulu. Sleeping is always suffering over here, always got too much stuff going on to worry about getting enough sleep. But we do what we have to do to follow our dreams, right? Hugs, and thanks for stopping by!

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