Gratitude Post – Hug Edition

Claudia H. Blanton: "Hugs"

                                                    Hugs by Claudia H. Blanton


As I am sitting here this morning, trying to think of what  I am grateful for, I must admit, I was taken out of the momentum, by losing my connection and having to crash my computer. It was easy to practice gratitude from the point of preparation, but moving through the unexpected occurrences and annoyances of living here, and dealing with issues I would not have to deal with, where we still living in Tampa, undid the state of mind, I so carefully constructed for myself.

But is that not a part of life, wanting to stay in the moment of gratitude and appreciation, staying upbeat and following the laws that govern us to be happy in the now, even when life happens?

Within the moments of disruption is a chance to practice our vibrational alignment  to gratitude, a fact alone that we should be grateful for. The lesson within is important – no matter what the perceived reality is bringing toward us, we can stay in a constant stream of appreciation.

In that sense, that is what I am –  this week, this morning grateful for – the chance to practice my alignment to gratitude and through that to what I seek.

– What are you grateful for this week? Why not share it with our blog hop and connect with us via our wonderful host Lexa Cain! We are looking forward to hearing from you!



12 thoughts on “Gratitude Post – Hug Edition

  1. “Practicing your alignment to gratitude”, love this Claudia. And in a way I totally understand it because I have been doing pretty much the same throughout the week and looks like this weekend follows suit (as it became a fully working weekend). One thing I noticed though, this kind of practice seems to becoming easier the more we do it, don’t you think? Hope you have a smooth and untroubled weekend hon. Hugs.

    • thank you Aura, yes it becomes easier with practice. As for the smooth weekend, it is beginning to look that way – hope everything quiets down for you as well – even if you have to work. Hugs and thanks for stopping by!

  2. So sorry about your lost connection and the annoyances. Sometimes a whole week is so bad it’s hard to feel grateful about anything. I’m hoping your next week is much better! 🙂

    • Hi Lexa – good to see you around, hope you are feeling better. Well, I guess it is all a matter of perspective, especially considering that this day, this International Day of Peace, there is so much war, and here we are talking about things that in the greatness of it all, don’t matter. We are lucky, even if things do not go right, and remembering that is so important. Hugs and blessings, dear one!

  3. Sorry about your computer problems. Things like that tend to throw me into complete crabbiness. I have to keep telling myself that yes, it’s a major pain, but things could be a whole lot worse. Then I count my blessings and adjust my attitude.

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