Coffee, Cake and Movies – A Weekend Coffee Share Blog Post

If you would sit here with me for a cup of coffee, I would first of all offer you some homemade German cake. There is no way to have a proper “Kaffeeklatsch” or a coffee get-together without proper cake. Of course, I baked that from scratch, and, of course, there will be enough for you to take some home with you.

But I would also talk to you about two movies I watched this week, both of them taking me by surprise.

American Sniper - Movie Poster

American Sniper – Movie Poster

The first one was “American Sniper” a movie I wanted to refuse to see because of it political ties, something I wanted nothing to do with. I did not even want to be a part of the discussion – which is rare for me. But my husband wanted to watch it on his day off, so I decided to watch it with him, and was very much surprised how much I liked it, simply because I allowed myself to get into the story, and temporarily forgot about all of the other fuss. From a film standpoint, it is a very good movie.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Movie Poster

Guardians Of The Galaxy Movie Poster

The second movie I would tell you about would be “Guardians of The Galaxy”. Like the movie before I was avoiding to watch it, because I was not sure how in the world this concept would translate on the screen. Something told me that this movie was not a good idea. But I was hoping for the best because after all I am a Marvel fan, and Marvel knows how to make movies – at least most of the time.  I should have listened to myself. I would tell you, that I felt like calling Marvel, asking for my 2 1/2 hours back, a time that I felt was wasted by bad acting, and horrible jokes.

I would end our “Kaffeeklatsch” by inviting you back next week, promising you I will bake something different, equally delightful. And maybe you could tell me about the movies you were inspired to watch (or should not have watched).


14 thoughts on “Coffee, Cake and Movies – A Weekend Coffee Share Blog Post

  1. Thanks for the cake! I’m glad you enjoyed American Sniper, I have the same views as you that it’s a good film if you temporarily “forget” about the politics behind it.

    • thank you for stopping by, Sarah – yes sometimes we just got let a movie be only a movie and nothing more. I did found however that they used a horrible prob for the baby, it was so obviously a plastic doll that he was holding, lol. Blessings!

  2. Thank you for the delicious sounding cake. I watched both of these movies. Amer.Sniper was good, but I knew the outcome which made it sad from the beginning. Guardians, I thought was crazy, yet fun. I loved the music and Chris Pratt.(My hubby hated it and refused to watch after a half hour)

    • I think the music was the only part of the movie I enjoyed. I am with your husband on that one, but I forced myself to watch it all, because I knew I was potentially going to write a review, and nothing else would have been fair. Thanks for stopping by Cathrina

  3. I haven’t seen either of the movies you mentioned. I might have been interested in Guardians of the Galaxy but maybe not. American Sniper, nah. I’m glad I don’t have anyone that would want to watch it and try to convince me.

  4. I haven’t seen American Sniper, mostly because I just don’t know that I can suspend my political sensibilities while watching it. I did kind-of enjoy Guardians of the Galaxy, though.

      • We saw What We Do in the Shadows last week, and it was really funny—a horror spoof/mockumentary about a vampire convention. I like all sorts of movies, though—what’s your flavor?

      • that sounds like fun. I am into just about everything as long as it is fast paced. I don’t like movies or books that take a while to get to the point. Who has time for that? I have to google that move you suggested, thank you!

  5. I haven’t seen American Sniper, though it might end up being something I or one of my friends finds on sale in a few years.

    Some of my friends said they loved Guardians Of The Galaxy, but I couldn’t get into it. The protagonists were uninspired, and they had too many characters that they didn’t do much with.

  6. Thank you for the cake and the Kaffeeklatch! German cakes are usually made in loaf pans, which is different from American cakes. They are also less sweet, but are delicious! You gave me a bit of Heimweh for when I lived in Germany!

    • oh, then I must introduce you to real German baking – I grew up in Germany with one Grandmother who has a professional cook and baker, another Grandmother who was known for her ability to make the most delicious cakes (and only a few were made in a loaf pan), and a Mother who is an avid baker, and never goes one week without baking something delightful. And I have inherited their abilities. While you are right about not being overly sweet, I am talking about Bienenstich, and Blechkuchen, and Streuselcake, and Donauwelle ( a square cake filled with cream, and cherries, with a half white and half coco dough, and covered with a thin chocolate glaze over the cream filling). Thanks for stopping by Sarah – none of the cakes mentioned come in a loaf pan, lol

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