Progress – More Than A Haiku



feels like standing still
yet I am fast enough to
arrive in due time

Sometimes it feels like there is no progress toward our goals, no matter how many actions we take. We wrote a few pages only to find out that we have to revise them all, from the ground up. Or worse, the entire day’s work had to be re-written. Those moments can bring you to the point of wanting to give up, yet we press on.

If we do not, if we allow this moment of defeat, the moment of what feels like a complete stand-still to actually bring us to a complete stop, we will never experience the truth of how close we were to succeed. Success is at the other end of those moments, the moments that feel motionless, and frustrating. We, as writers and artist need to remember that failures and temporary setbacks are not wasted time, they are still motion forward, even if only in lesson and experience. And we are indeed making progress, and it might be faster than we think.


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6 thoughts on “Progress – More Than A Haiku

  1. Great advice and reminder for all writers, because as much as we are indeed unsure of all we are doing, we are definitely accomplishing more than we could ever imagine.

  2. What an excellent reminder this is, Claudia! Even when we think we’re standing still and going nowhere, we actually are moving forward – especially when we’re writing and rewriting. This is a great post to keep on hand to remind me of that – and so I’m bookmarking it. 🙂 It certainly is frustrating sometimes to spend time writing something… only to find that when I reread it, I discover that it’s not turning out at all as I intended. I can’t tell you how many times I end up starting over – rewriting – editing, etc. Numerous times quite often. It’s all very time consuming, yet when it’s done and I’m happy with it – when it says what I hoped it would say – I feel tremendous satisfaction. And that keeps me constantly doing it. 🙂 I love your take on our process – all progress! Excellent! I’m so very glad you shared this with #1Word today. Much needed! 🙂

    • thank you very much, I appreciate your kind words. I am glad I ran across your blog yesterday and decided (on a whim) to join in this idea of posting for the #1word link up. What a great idea that is by the way.
      I am looking forward to connecting more often, have a wonderful day!

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