Infusions – An A To Z Challenge Post


I Is For Infusion

When reading about herbs, spices and their healing properties, the word infusion get mentioned often. But what exactly is this?

Infusion (not to be confused with the type of infusion we can get in a hospital) are herbs steeped similar to a tea but for a longer period of time. Herbal infusions are often used to create stronger alternative medications to get a high-quality preventative or curative drinks, but are not limited to that. An infusion made with chamomile can be used as a facial rinse for those with sensitive skin, or who are prone to acne.

Simple take a standard size mason jar, fill it to the top with dried herb, and pour over it boiling water until the jar holds no more. Allow to sit in a dark and cool place overnight, but not shorter than 4 hours, and use as desired.

8 thoughts on “Infusions – An A To Z Challenge Post

    • I find the easiest to begin working with is chamomile infusion, which you can not only use internally to calm yourself, but externally to calm skin irritations – just put a little of the infusion directly onto a cotton ball and dab on the rash (not an open wound!) – blessings!

    • that depends, I personally have to have them slightly sweetened, always use raw, locally sourced honey for that. But there are some infusions, like Dandelion root, that even I can not handle. Not all infusions have to be use internally. In a previous comment, I spoke about using chamomile infusion to aid skin irritations. Blessings!

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