Herbal Tea – An A To Z Challenge Post


H is for Herbal Tea

Okay, I am cheating on this one, but I had such a hard time finding an herb or spice that begins with an h, that I will use this opportunity to share something good that you can make with them. And because one of my books to be released end of May is about making tea blends, I will give you a sneak peak with my simple, yet delicious Peace and Relaxation tea.

As with all of my teas, I recommend that you use raw honey to sweeten them. Raw, unrefined sugar is my second choice, but coconut sugar will work well too. Just stay away from things like Stevia, or artificial, over-processed sweeteners. Those take away from the health benefits of the tea blend.

Peace And Relaxation Tea

4 teaspoons of dried rose petals

4 teaspoons of dried lemon grass

8 teaspoons of dried chamomile

Mix well. Store in an airtight container.

Use 1 teaspoon per cup. Place tea mixture into a tea strainer, or directly into the cup and strain it after the brewing process. Pour boiling water into the cup with the strainer or herbs and allow to steep for 7 minutes. Relax by the warm cup while you wait for your tea to unfold. After the tea has reached its peak flavor – after 7 minutes – remove the strainer or herbs and enjoy with a sweetener as suggested above.

This tea is best enjoyed hot, and in pleasant company.

This months theme is herbs in spices, in honor of the recent release of my book “Mixing Spices – A Flavorful Guide to Creating Awesome Herb and Spice Mixes” available on Kindle 

4 thoughts on “Herbal Tea – An A To Z Challenge Post

  1. The tea sounds delicious. I don’t drink tea, but my husband’s favorites are anise and mint. Have a lovely weekend. 🙂

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