Bay Leaf – An A to Z Challenge Blog Post

B Challenge Post

B – Bay Leaf

A to Z Challenge : Bay Leaf

There are two different types of bay leaves, the more narrow-leaved California, and the broader, more oval shaped Turkish version of the plant, the latter being the stronger one in flavor.

Matches well with: beans, lentils tomatoes, soups, risotto and shellfish

Healing properties: Infusions of this herb  can soothe the stomach, relieve flatulence as well as colic pain.

Magical uses: used  to enhance psychic ability, often added to a dream pillow. Also used in exorcism and for banishing, as well as for getting people out of your life, that you need to let go off.

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13 thoughts on “Bay Leaf – An A to Z Challenge Blog Post

  1. Love your theme and look forward to following all your posts. I hadn’t realized there were two types, but now that you’ve mentioned I clearly see I’ve used them both.

    • thank you, and yes for years, I did not pay any attention to this little fact as well, until a friend of mine pointed out the difference. Now I am amazed that I had not noticed. Blessings!

  2. Bay leaf is always there when I select the spices to add to my stews and spaghetti, but I didn’t know it’s healing properties. Thanks for the information.

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